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  1. Hospitality innovation: an oxymoron?

    Collaboration between business and academia could bring something new, but at present many in the hospitality industry are basing their efforts to be innovative on trial and error, and initiatives tend to be small-scale and incremental. Perhaps the time has come for industry and educational institutes to work together more closely than in the past, write Christine Demen-Meier and Carlos Martin-Rios.

    Innovation and entrepreneurship: exploring the conditions needed for success

    What characterizes innovation in the United States is a freedom to fail, US Ambassador Suzan G. LeVine told a recent panel discussion at EHL. “It’s the willingness to try and learn, instead of worrying about trying and failing.”

  2. Service innovation in times of economic downturn

    What is the best strategy for hospitality companies when facing an economic downturn? A study of leading service firms across Europe finds that companies which choose to expand rather than retrench achieve better net sales and operating profits.

    Investing emotionally in the age of travel

    The world is a scarier place, says Anita Mendiratta, the Managing Director of Cachet Consulting and a special advisor to the UN on tourism and travel, but “it’s our industry that has really made the human connection the finest that it has ever been in the world.”

  3. A brave new world: Connecting food to the smart kitchen

    Imagine a world where your food talks to the kitchen appliances. It may sound far-fetched, but apparently, the future may have already arrived. A company in the U.S. has raised a total of $43 million from investors to develop the connected kitchen – beyond appliances connecting to other appliances.

    Hoteliers face up to tech challenges

    Hilary Murphy explores why tech spending in the hospitality sector lags well behind that of other sectors such as retail and finance.

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