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  1. Chinese hotel brands expand overseas but face challenges on the way

    Chinese hotel brands are eyeing expansion overseas. EHL assistant professors Maggie Chen and Yong Chen discuss the development and suggest that, although this is clearly demand driven with millions of Chinese travelers heading overseas, Chinese budget hotels will face challenges.

    Revenue management: Capturing untapped potential

    Revenue management is evolving beyond number-crunching to take a more holistic approach. According to EHL assistant professor Cindy Heo, future revenue managers will be required to think more strategically in order to identify untapped potential.

  2. The sharing economy: Opportunities for hoteliers

    Disruptive online services such as Airbnb and Uber are posing a threat to more established businesses in the hospitality and transportation sectors. However, EHL senior lecturer Remy Rein highlights some opportunities for hoteliers, with a focus on the Parisian market.

    Alternative economies? What alternative economies?

    Based on a series of interviews with industry professionals and academics, EHL associate professor Christine Demen-Meier and her team have explored the impact of ‘alternative economies’ on the Swiss restaurant industry, identifying obstacles and benefits. However, they also discovered that, for many, the concept of the alternative economy is difficult to pin down.

  3. The power of food diplomacy and hospitality, in the service of a nation

    State dinners are occasions on which nations pull out all the stops to impress and influence visiting dignitaries. Former French prime minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin spoke recently at EHL about gastronomy and hospitality, and the soft power they exert in diplomacy.

    Cultural identity and the workplace

    Multiculturalism has so far benefited hotel companies such as the Hilton chain. So is diversity key for business success? Elena Canadas explains that cultural diversity can improve group performance, if it is managed effectively.

  4. The Lausanne Hospitality Research Center aims to reinforce EHL’s position as a thought leader in the global hospitality industry, by publishing, distributing and aggregating cutting-edge and thought-provoking content sourced from industry experts, both in business or academia.

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