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  1. The Marriott-Starwood mega-deal: Bringing together two different corporate cultures to create value

    Industry experts discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead for the Marriott-Starwood mega-merger valued at $13.6 billion. Jonathan Humphries gives his verdict.

    CEO pay: Aligning the interests of shareholders and executives

    Shareholders hire executives to act in their best interests but the personal interests of the firm’s managers may not be fully aligned with those of the shareholders, writes Giuliano Bianchi.

  2. McHealthy: Promote healthy eating habits through incentives, not discounts

    How can we change eating habits to encourage people to choose healthy options? Elisa Chan and her co-researchers identify a new approach to promote healthy eating based on consumer psychology.

    Spirituality, social identity, and sustainability

    Today’s food consumerism, boosted by globalization, is a result of strong economic progress and active commercial relationships between countries and regions. But coffee was not originally from Latin America and cocoa did not exist in the Ivory Coast, nor was the potato part of the Indian ‘traditional cuisine’. Peter Varga argues that our eating habits have been shaped by global dynamics.

  3. The Lausanne Hospitality Research Ccenter aims to reinforce EHL’s position as a thought leader in the global hospitality industry, by publishing, distributing and aggregating cutting-edge and thought-provoking content sourced from industry experts, both in business or academia.

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