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  1. Consolidation: Let’s get together

    The hospitality sector has experienced a great deal of consolidation over the past year, with the Marriott-Starwood mega-merger leading the way. Katharine Le Quesne gives her outlook for acquisitions in the sector in 2017.

    Can restaurateurs be creative and profitable?

    Leading female chef Anne-Sophie Pic told a recent workshop at EHL that three-star restaurants are “not necessarily intended to be profitable.” Marc Stierand and Frank Schuetzendorf explore whether chefs can be creative and make money.

  2. A star in the kitchen (make that three stars): Joël Robuchon

    He came, he saw, and picked up an honorary professorship at EHL. Jöel Robuchon, whose restaurants around the world have a combined total of some 40 stars, talks to EHL Hospitality Insights about his business empire.

    Is it time to overhaul the restaurant star system?

    For many leading chefs, the Michelin and Gault Millau restaurant guides provide not just a seal of approval, but are equally important for marketing their restaurants, especially in this age of culinary tourism.  However, they also believe stars are handed out “regardless of the cuisine.”

  3. Creativity and innovation in haute cuisine

    When it comes to continuous creativity and innovation, no enterprise comes close to the work done by the master chefs of haute cuisine. While it's true that creativity and innovation are essential to nearly any career, nowhere are these more important than in haute cuisine. Marc Stierand explores the topic.

    A career in luxury: Passion required

    What’s the secret of success in the luxury goods business? Grace Goni argues that passion is needed if you’re going to succeed. It's the only thing that will last. Passion is also linked to creativity which is an invaluable quality in life.

  4. The Lausanne Hospitality Research Center aims to reinforce EHL’s position as a thought leader in the global hospitality industry, by publishing, distributing and aggregating cutting-edge and thought-provoking content sourced from industry experts, both in business or academia.

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