Every Day a New Adventure

In the heart of Singapore, this campus is the perfect base for exploring everything the city has to offer. Our close-knit, international EHL community and modern apartment living will make you feel at home, allowing you to discover the region and try new things with like-minded friends. Our unique Swiss curriculum will prepare you for the future of hospitality and business bringing you inspiration from Singapore’s pioneering activities in sustainability and innovation.


Daily life

Life on campus is fast-paced, multicultural and dynamic. No two days will ever be alike as you experience the perfect contrast between ancient traditions and cutting-edge trends. You can get involved in the student committees and activities organized by the campus, or you can design your own adventure exploring the city’s many cultural sites, top-notch restaurants, sports and endless shopping options.

Singapore lifestyle and Swiss quality hospitality education come together here in a perfect balance of experience, reflection, and application.


Amazing Memories

The whole EHL experience will leave you with amazing memories of your time at university and a sense of belonging to the EHL family. Even after you graduate, you will always be a part of EHL and EHL will always be a part of you.

Sports & Activities at EHL Campus (Singapore)

As a country that actively promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle, Singapore offers access to all sorts of sport activities.

Outdoors: Well maintained trails and parks are spread throughout the city for walking, hiking, jogging, rollerblading and cycling tours. The ocean front has multiple beaches and water parks where you can play volleyball, or practice dragon boating, water-ski, surfing or wakeboarding.

Indoors sports centers: Singaporeans enjoy a wide variety of indoor sports such as badminton, swimming, basketball, and table tennis. You can also try the unusual experience of skiing in the summer thanks to the several indoor snow parks offering skiing and sledding activities.

Gyms & Fitness classes: The campus will provide access to third party operated fitness centers and gyms.

Best loved: Singaporeans love football! Rugby and cricket are also quite popular. Visit the Singapore Football Club for more information about amateur teams and competitions. 


A Garden City

Singapore, known as the "Garden City", has over 300 parks and 4 natural reserves where you can escape from the hustle and bustle and relax your body and mind.

You might take a weekend picnic, a cycling trip, or stroll along a nature trail, observing the exotic flora and fauna.

Check out the NParks' official website for the list of parks to visit and activities/workshops to do.

Student Committees

EHL encourages students to share their passions and exercise their leadership skills by joining or creating student-led social and sport committees. These committees are supported by the school, but managed by the students, who assign roles such as treasurer and marketing to individual members and organize events and activities to raise funds for their club or favorite cause.

Some of the most popular student committee themes are:

  • Watersports (such as kayaking, wake-boarding, stand-up paddle-boarding)
  • Golf
  • Career Club
  • Music
  • EHLikeats  (a foody focus)



the Region