Student Life at EHL Campus Lausanne

A Buzzing Hive of Inspiration 

With over 3,000 students from 120 different countries, around 30 student committees, and hundreds of events happening on campus every year, you will never get bored at EHL Campus Lausanne.

Our dual-excellence approach to education and student life will give you the chance to explore your passions – professionally, personally, and academically - and exercise your leadership skills and creativity both inside and outside of the classroom.


Life @ EHL Campus Lausanne

Life at EHL Campus Lausanne is all about trying new things, developing talents, and creating strong friendships.

Our students oversee the student committees where they work together to organize events, share cultural experiences, and create other enriching opportunities that contribute to the global development of each student’s life and the EHL community.


Amazing Memories

The whole EHL experience will leave you with amazing memories of your time at university and a sense of belonging to the EHL family.
Even after you graduate, you will always be a part of EHL and EHL will always be a part of you.

EHL Student Committees


Arts & Culture

Get together with fellow EHL students who share your passion. You can explore your creative talents, gain cultural knowledge, or produce artwork and experiences for others to enjoy.

Diverse Interests:



Sports & Wellbeing

Practice your favorite sport or learn a new one with your fellow EHL students. Most of these committees are active year-round holding regular practice sessions and participating in competitions.



Philanthropy & Social Responsibility

Make a positive impact by joining a committee dedicated to social issues or charity work.

Philanthropy & Social Responsibility:


Careers, Business & Industry

Grow your leadership skills and career network with committees focusing on entrepreneurship, finance, and industry relations.

Careers, Business & Industry:


Student Accommodations

On Campus Lausanne, you can choose from a wide variety of top-notch student accommodations including single and double rooms and student apartment buildings for shared living arrangements. 

As the campus renovation work continues, the total number of available rooms on campus will increase, and EHL students are already enjoying the new residences.

Find out more about the types of rooms and buildings available on campus with 360° virtual tours on the accommodations page. 

Our students behind the lens

We are proud of our talented students!

The photos below were taken by EHL students for a photography contest organized by the "EHL Photos" committee. Categories included:

  • Beyond the classroom
  • Switzerland through your eyes
  • Like a BOSC (Bachelor student)
  • Faces of EHL: runner-up

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