Student Success Center

Throughout the program, you’ll be supported by a tight-nit community of staff, faculty, alumni, and fellow students all dedicated to your success in the classroom, in the workplace, and in your personal endeavors.


The Industry Relations Department

Designed to brings a global professional network to you, the Industry Relations Department works closely with the Alumni Department to build industry connections.

They offer and organize mentoring programs, the EHL job platform, company visits, networking events, and the EHL Career Fairs (twice per year).


The Career Center

The Career Center acts as your guide in the search for jobs, gearing you up for internships and that exciting first job after you graduate.

They help you secure internships, provide valuable career advice, assist in interview prep, and even arrange professional CV photos.

But it goes beyond that – they're here to be your partner in shaping who you are and what you want, both personally and professionally.


The Academic Advisory Team

The Team is committed to supporting your academic journey and intellectual development. They provide personalized guidance to help you succeed in your courses and cultivate both individual and group learning skills. Their goal is to empower you to excel academically by offering tailored support that enhances your overall educational experience.



Student Affairs Department

The department coordinates services and programs to solve problems, create a healthy environment, and encourages personal growth and well-being.

They offer personalized support during difficult times and organize fun and healthy activities, in addition to the school’s many sports committees, group classes, and facilities.


Life Outside the Classroom

Through a rich variety of student committees and extra-curricular activities, students can express their interests and put their knowledge into practice to shape both their educational journey and the vibrant campus life at EHL

Student Committees

EHL Student Committees are an essential part of student life on campus, as they are the source of many fun activities and events. These are not just after school clubs, they require commitment and delegate responsibility, so being part of a committee is like a part-time job.

  • Each committee runs as a business
  • They organize events for the student body to finance their activities
  • You apply for a specific position to get accepted
  • Positions such as president, vice president, head of finance, head of marketing, sponsoring assistant, head of events, etc.

EHL Sports Center

Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, so our campus offers state-of-the-art sports and recreation facilities and services, managed by the Sports Department. The new Sports Center has facilities for 30 sports, which are accessible to students seven days a week.

  • 25-meter indoor swimming pool
  • Wellness area with a sauna and a cold bath
  • Multi-purpose sports hall with bleachers for up to 368 spectators
  • Fitness center (400m2) with four zones for different activities and equipment
  • Two studios for group courses (spinning, body pump, yoga, etc.) and e-sports
  • Courts for padel, petanque, tennis, and beach volleyball
  • Coaching and personal training services
  • A reception and shop selling sports articles and healthy drinks and snacks
  • 2-kilometer running track that loops around the school.