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Mr Ian Millar

Ian Millar


BA Hons Degree in International Hospitality Management


Senior Lecturer

Teaching Location(s)

EHL Campus Lausanne

Teaching Subject(s)

Hospitality Technology Strategy

Area(s) of Expertise

MSc Management Information Systems

Short Bio

Ian Millar is a Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation department at EHL working on the Student Business Projects and delivering hospitality technology courses. His double expertise in the areas of hospitality and information technology sets him at the forefront of new developments in the international hospitality industry. He is Certified Hospitality Technology Professional and a frequent presenter at international IT conferences as well as the author of numerous hospitality technology articles.

Ian serves as an advisor to various hospitality technology companies and was a Member of the Hotel Industry Expert Panel for the Singapore Tourism Board advising hotels in the region on best practice technology usage. He is also a mentor for the Metro Accelerator program, advising various hospitality technology start-up companies. He is currently on the HITEC Amsterdam advisory council, organizing Europe’s largest hospitality technology conference.

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Recipient of the 2020 Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP) Paragon Award