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Mrs Wang Mouneyrou

Wang Mouneyrou


Master's Degree in French Language and Literature, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


Adjunct Lecturer

Teaching Location(s)

EHL Campus Lausanne
EHL Campus (Singapore)

Employment Type


Courses and Modules Taught

• Communication & Culture III

Teaching Subject(s)


Area(s) of Expertise

IBDP Chinese language and literature
Teaching Chinese as a foreign language
Teaching Chinese as a first language

Short Bio

Following a Master’s degree in French language and literature, Mrs. Wang Mouneyrou took the opportunity to join CampusFrance China where she was in charge of the coordination of higher education conferences and forums. In 2008, she got a position as the Cultural Manager of Canton Alliance Française. She was later chosen by the French Embassy in Beijing to teach Mandarin at several secondary schools in Toulouse Academy.

She teaches Chinese to students of different levels, ages, and backgrounds both in France and Switzerland since then. She also worked as a Chinese literature teacher at St. George's International School where she teaches classical and modern literature as well as Chinese writing to native Chinese students.

Mrs. Wang Mouneyrou joined EHL in 2016 with the ambition of innovating the classroom by applying interactive and effective methods as well as using new technologies. She has been teaching Chinese at the UNIL Language Center since 2021.

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