At EHL, you and your fellow students are the masters of your university life experience. You will have plenty of opportunities to contribute and enjoy the benefits of our student life activities, events and committees that are organized “by students, for students.”

How The Student Committees Work

EHL Student Committees are an essential part of student life on campus, as they are the source of many fun activities and events. These are not just after school clubs, they require commitment and delegate responsibility, so being part of a committee is like a part-time job.

  • Each committee runs as a business.
  • They organize events for the student body to finance their activities.
  • You apply for a specific position to get accepted.
  • Positions such as president, vice president, head of finance, head of marketing, sponsoring assistant, head of events, etc.

EHL Student Committees


Arts & Culture

Get together with fellow EHL students who share your passion. You can explore your creative talents, gain cultural knowledge, or produce artwork and experiences for others to enjoy.

Diverse Interests:



Sports & Wellbeing

Practice your favorite sport or learn a new one with your fellow EHL students. Most of these committees are active year-round holding regular practice sessions and participating in competitions.



Careers, Business & Industry

Grow your leadership skills and career network with committees focusing on entrepreneurship, finance, and industry relations.

Careers, Business & Industry:


A Spirit of Services

You will have many opportunities to give back during your time at EHL. Through a variety of school-led initiatives and student committees, EHL students make a positive impact and develop leadership skills for CSR activities.

Philanthropy & Social Responsibility:

CSR Student Business Projects

The Corporate Social Responsibility Student Business Project (CSR SBP) is a student consulting project conducted during the final semester of the bachelor’s degree. Assigned by the school to one organization every semester, this project enables students to contribute fresh ideas and give back to the community.

Services Opportunities

Students Helping Students is a peer-to-peer resource coordinated by EHL students on the Lausanne campus.  

Composed of students from different semesters, this team is trained by the school nurses to perform first aid and handle medical emergencies that may occur on campus.

EHL’s online volunteering platform allows EHL participants to do field work, collect donations, volunteer their skills and contribute financially to those in need. The platform was opened to students in 2020;  Since, more than 750 profiles were created, and over 1,500 hours of volunteering completed.

EHL students volunteer and intern in a variety of organizations that seek to uplift disenfranchised people and create opportunities for re-insertion and meaningful employment. 

Every year, in November, EHL holds its Solidarity Month using the Alaya platform to connect not-for-profit projects with EHL people who are willing to participate in the proposed activities.

Student Ambassadors

EHL students volunteer to represent EHL in a variety of ways.

They may volunteer to take visitors on guided campus tours, contribute their stories to the blog, pose for photo shoots, answer questionnaires, or participate in events on campus, such as Motivation Day, to assist with the admissions interviews, and Intro Week to help with the onboarding process for new students.


Athletics & Sport Activities

Our sports teams and activities are just as diverse as our student body. Student committees organize most of the team sports, while the sports facilities, fitness classes and excursions are organized by our professional staff members.

Student Life at
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Student life at
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Student Life at
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Our students behind the lens

We are proud of our talented students!

The photos below were taken by EHL students for a photography contest organized by the "EHL Photos" committee. Categories included:

  • Beyond the classroom
  • Switzerland through your eyes
  • Like a BOSC (Bachelor student)
  • Faces of EHL: runner-up