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Dr Stéphanie Pougnet

Dr Stéphanie Pougnet


PhD in Management Sciences, Grenoble University


Assistant Professor

Teaching Subject(s)

Talent Management Systems

Area of expertise

Customer experiences
Human resources
Innovation and value creation
Organizational behavior
Talent management

Short Bio

Stéphanie Pougnet, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at EHL. She has experience teaching and practicing management in Europe, America and Asia, with a focus on retailing, energy and food & beverage industries. She affirms that research and teaching in management should consistently meet the needs of both the educational sphere and the work sphere. With this ambition in mind, Stéphanie fosters students’ employability and entrepreneurship via pedagogical missions that result in implementing systems, processes, and dashboards to capitalize on internship experiences as well as on experiential learning based on problem-solving. She conducts research and consultancy for companies facing human capital challenges, and she coaches entrepreneurs. As a skydiving and snowboarding entrepreneur, she co-founded www.sportmania.ch, a Swiss shop selling sport goods.


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