Life at EHL

EHL is a universal school of life that extends beyond the classroom and the campus to support your personal and professional growth and overall wellbeing.

The EHL experience facilitates encounters and experiences that instill strong values, develop leadership qualities, and create a diversified sense of community.

Our 3 campuses

The EHL campuses offer three distinct environments for a dynamic, multicultural university experience.  The campus where you begin your program is your jumping off point for internships, exchange semesters, regional excursions, and life-long learning.  


EHL Campus Lausanne


EHL Campus (Singapore)


EHL Campus Passugg


The Famous EHL Dress Code

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Dressing formally for work is a sign of respect in many cultures and industry sectors. At EHL, you will be immersed from day one in a professional environment, and will emerge prepared to make a good first impression in any business environment.  The workshops and practical arts classes will also require you to adopt a certain discipline in terms of uniform and grooming, to adhere to hygiene & safety rules, and meet industry standards.

Updated EHL Dress Code - September 2021

We are pleased to share that an updated version of the iconic EHL dress code will be released after the summer break, and come into force on all campuses in September 2021. This is only a first step in our plans to reinforce the EHL values in all our actions, and our commitment to providing the best study and work environment. It is with great excitement that we will soon be able to disclose all details of the new dress code, after the summer break, which will without a doubt mark the path towards a more benevolent and bold future for our institution.

- Prof. Michel Rochat, CEO, EHL Group


Clubs & Activities

An EHL education is more than classes and study groups.

Through extracurricular activities, you will make new friends, develop your talents, discover new interests, and expand your understanding of the world and the people in it. 


Athletics & Sport Activities

EHL encourages students to establish healthy active lifestyle habits to maintain their wellbeing and deal with stress. Team sports, fitness facilities, classes and excursions are organized to make the best use of the local resources and natural environment near the campus.

Support & Wellbeing

Our campuses offer a wide range of services and facilities to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health, as well as support for academic development and overall wellbeing.

Diversity & Inclusion

EHL cultivates a living and learning environment where you can celebrate your individuality and expand your horizons in a unique, global community. We regularly host conferences on DEI-related topics and deliver mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention training to students and staff.

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