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Careers in Hospitality

Whether you are looking for the best field to start your career, or you want a new profession, the tourism and hospitality industry is an excellent choice.

Career opportunities in the hospitality industry

Career opportunities in tourism and hospitality are growing steadily as the industry continues to boom and evolve.

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    What is the hospitality and tourism industry?

    The hospitality and tourism industry includes many sub-sectors that are open to hospitality management graduates. The following list shows the closely related hospitality and tourism industry sectors.

    • Accommodation: hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, camping, etc.
    • Food & beverage: restaurants, night clubs, franchises, catering, food trucks
    • Travel: airlines, cruise ships, private jets and charters
    • Tourism: excursions, tour packages, destination management
    • Events: festivals, concerts, conferences, fashion shows, etc.
    • Sports & recreation: international competitions, private clubs, rentals, retail


    Tourism and hospitality industry growth

    The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the strongest industries in the world in terms of overall GDP, employment and growth. The year of 2016-2017 was excellent for the tourism and hospitality industry, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council’s 2017 report.

    • +6 million net additional jobs in 185 countries
    • +7.6 Trillion US$ (10.2% Global GDP)
    • 292 million jobs sustained
    • 1 in 10 jobs in the global economy


    Careers in the hospitality industry

    If you want to understand the volume and variety of careers in the hospitality industry, take a quick look at the more than 34,000 open positions available on Hosco, a job portal that unites top talent from hospitality management schools with employers around the world.

    Indeed, hospitality and tourism management career options are predicted to grow from the industry’s current place at 1 in 10 jobs on the planet to 1 in 9 jobs on the planet or 380 million jobs worldwide by 2027. [Source]

    Types of hospitality careers

    Consider the diversity of a career in the hotel industry and hospitality industry careers in closely related sectors:

    • Hotel operations: front office, rooms division, food & beverage, events
    • Hospitality management: HR, finance, marketing, real estate, public relations
    • Entertainment: venue management, event planning, sales, retail, VIP services
    • Luxury: lifestyle services, private charters, VIP events & services
    • Food & Beverage: fine dining, catering, culinary arts, sommeliers
    • Health & wellness: spas, fitness, private clinics, retirement living, hospitals
    • Online & technology: OTA’s, start-ups, sharing economy
    • Other roles: hotel openings, hospitality consultancy, project management, R&D


    Hospitality and tourism industry drivers

    The four main drivers of revenue growth predicted for hotels, airlines, restaurants, and travel and tourism businesses.[Source]

    • New money: The global traveler pool is growing by millions every year with new consumers from emerging and developed markets with growing disposable incomes.
    • Affordable airfare: Airfare prices continue fall encouraging more travel and leaving more money on the table for other sectors.
    • Business travel: The global economy is strong and business travel is projected to grow by more than 6 percent in 2018.
    • Focus on experiences: Consumers are spending more on recreation, travel, and eating out, and less on material goods.


    Benefits of careers in the hospitality industry

    More and more high school graduates and college-educated adults are discovering the benefits of a career in the hospitality industry. Indeed, hospitality management careers offer a fun and challenging work environment, they make it possible travel and work in cities around the world, and they expose workers to many different people and cultures. And there are other, more factual reasons to choose a hospitality management career: it’s a growing employment sector that offers good security and opportunities to advance in a career for the future.

    Here are some excellent reasons to choose hospitality industry careers.


    Hospitality opportunities start at entry level

    It’s frustrating to discover that you can’t get a job without experience when you certainly can’t get experience without a job. Unlike many industries that demand years of work experience even for low-level positions, the hospitality industry offers a wide range of career options for relatively inexperienced individuals with the proper training. Because it often values a strong work ethic, a dedication to quality service, and an outgoing personality more than years of experience, the hospitality industry is brimming with opportunities for new grads.


    Careers in hospitality have competitive pay rates

    Although rates of compensation differ from field to field and location to location, hospitality positions offer solid starting salaries and ample opportunity for pay increases. Here are the annual pay ranges for several popular hospitality management jobs in the United States:

    • Lodging Manager - $30,688 to $100,525
    • Food and Beverage Manager - $29,870 to $67,822
    • Travel and Tourism Manager - $32,000 to $124,616
    • Casino Manager - $124,618 to $338,199


    Hospitality careers require transferable skills

    In addition to the sectors within hospitality, travel, tourism and events, and their various departments, hospitality graduates can branch out in their careers to other sectors and businesses where their skills are in high demand.

    These hospitality skills: service excellence, cultural & language skills, operational skills, critical and creative thinking, discipline, work ethic, team work, communication, managerial skills, financial management skills…

    Are applicable in: luxury brands, technology companies (Google, Apple, Bose), consumer brands (Nestlé, Pepsico), financial services & banking, PR & Communications, public service & NGOs and entrepreneurship.


    Hospitality management careers cannot be replaced by robots

    According to many recent articles, there are three characteristics for jobs that have very low chances of being replaced by technology in the next 30 years.[Source]

    Here they are and the reasons that hospitality management graduates won’t have to worry:

    • Relationship building: Handling special needs and providing personalized services cannot be done by machines
    • Creativity: Providing personalized, cultural experiences to please human customers is unlikely to be replaced by AI.
    • Managing the unpredictable: Customer emergencies and service issues require problem-solving skills that require emotional understanding and tact that robots don’t have.


    Hospitality jobs offer good benefits

    Because many hotels are owned and/or operated by major companies such as Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton, they know what it takes to stay in business. In large part, this means offering great benefits to attract and retain exceptional management team members and staff workers. Industry leaders typically provide extremely competitive healthcare packages and 401(k) retirement plans. They also often support generous maternity leave, sick leave, and vacation pay policies. Many even offer tuition reimbursement for various relevant educational programs.


    How to get the best opportunities in the hospitality industry

    Clearly, it’s hard to find another field that promises as much professional satisfaction AND as many employment opportunities. But the type of education and experience you have will greatly affect your career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry. 

    Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) offers accredited, industry-recognized degrees for students at every level:

    • The bachelor’s degree in hospitality management will launch your career in hospitality
    • The global master’s degrees will take your hospitality career to the international stage
    • The MBA in hospitality (part-time) designed for career advancement
    • The executive MBA and online certificates for specialized skills