EHL (Ecole hotelière de Lausanne) is a member of EHL Group. EHL is the only Swiss hospitality management school recognized as a Swiss University of Applied Science. It is led by academic leaders dedicated to hospitality and service practice, business education excellence, and impactful research.


Our Vision

We bring together the best in hospitality practice, management education, and research.

Our Mission

We bring together academia and hospitality to create the higher education of action-driven individuals and develop insightful thinking together with innovative practices in the international service industry.


The Deanship’s objective is to ensure that education and scholarship at EHL are progressive and of the finest quality. Embracing the pioneering spirit of EHL, the Deanship promotes the development of new programs that meet industry needs and champions the EHL’s position as a leading academic institution.

EHL's Deanship:

  • Dr Inès Blal, Executive Dean
  • Mr Patrick Ogheard, Associate Dean of Practical Arts Programs
  • Dr Stéphanie Pougnet, Associate Dean Undergraduate Programs
  • Dr Achim Schmitt, Associate Dean Graduate Programs
  • Dr Luciano Lopez, Dean of EHL Campus (Singapore)

Academic Board

The Academic Board implements the appropriate academic policies to ensure educational effectiveness of the programs offered at EHL. It oversees the academic quality of the content and delivery of our programs to ensure their alignment with the mission of EHL, and launches corrective measures when needed.

Its members include faculty members representing business disciplines and practical arts, program managers, and representatives from academic support departments. The Head of the Academic Board is currently Dr. Claudio Sfreddo.

Assessment Board and Examinations Board (Singapore)

The Assessment Board (EHL Campus Lausanne and EHL Campus Passugg) and the Examinations Board (EHL Campus (Singapore)) ensure the quality of the assessment process at EHL.

The Assessment Board is co-chaired by Dr. Laura Zizka and Ms Christina Tavares.

The Examination Board is chaired by Dr. Laura Zizka. The Assessment and Examinations Boards work closely with the Academic Board.


EHL Group Structure &


Leadership &
Executive Committee


EHL Advisory Boards & Board Members