Funded Research Projects

Faculty members conduct applied hospitality research in a variety of managerial disciplines. Researchers tackle applied research questions for the benefit of the industry while simultaneously contributing to excellence in hospitality research.

Research publications

EHL is dedicated to supporting and driving the continued growth and innovation in the hospitality industry. Working alongside the industry to develop knowledge and address practical issues faced by today's professionals, EHL is committed to making an active contribution to the regeneration of the industry.

Collaborate with our researchers

At EHL, we believe that collaboration with industry partners is the key to addressing the challenges of the hospitality industry and meet the needs of society in innovative ways. Find out how you can take part in this long tradition of partnerships between academia and industry.

Our Research Institutes

In keeping with EHL’s tradition of putting management into practice, we partner with key players in complementary fields to advance the knowledge and practice of hospitality and service management. Sponsoring an institute for in-depth studies gives you access to dedicated multi-disciplinary teams of faculty and staff to deliver the solutions in a collaborative manner. Each research institute operates under the direction of EHL’s academic body and hosts sponsored lab(s) whose mission is to conduct specific applied research projects.