The Final Semester of your Bachelor Degree

In the final semester of your bachelor program, you can choose between a student business project (SBP) or an individual applied research project.  

If you choose a research project, your task will be to find a solution to an industry-specific problem using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. You will be supervised by an experienced faculty member who will coach you in the methods needed to successfully complete your project.

If you choose a Student Business Project, you will join a team of five students tasked with providing a consulting service to a real external client.


A Real Consulting Mandate

Under the guidance of experienced faculty, you will work with five of your fellow senior students to offer consulting-style services, conduct research and propose practical and actionable recommendations to a real external client via a Student Business Project.

Over a 9-week period, you will dedicate yourselves full-time to tackle your assigned business challenge, either working on the client's premises or in consulting mode.  You will then deliver your final project through a formal presentation on campus. 

Over 600 student mandates have been conducted to date.  A large majority of our students' proposals are put into action by the clients, and a significant number of students are hired by the same client at the end of the project.

How the SBP Works


Student Business Project Themes

Based on the needs of our industry partners, the Student Business Projects come in many different forms. Here are just a few project types and examples of what they might entail:

  • Concept or product development: Imagine a new hotel restaurant concept for seasonal use or invent a fresh product line to shake up the competition.
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy: Help a hospitality company create a better relationship with customers to increase sales and engagement.
  • Market Studies: Dig deep into the economic and social drivers for hospitality and tourism in a specific region to uncover hidden opportunities.
  • Customer Experience Design: Audit the customer journey and make recommendations for processes and staff training that will improve it.
  • Business Plan validation or development: Make your client's new business or activity a success using applied research, innovation and data-based decision making.

CSR Student Business Project

Contributing to EHL Group’s strategic priority of Corporate Social Responsibility, we have introduced Student Business Projects for Corporate Social Responsibility efforts (or CSR SBPs). Each semester, one CSR SBP will be granted to an organization free of charge, following a selection process by an EHL commission.

Should you be assigned to work on a CSR SBP, you will have the honor of contributing to a brighter future in the industry and giving back to the community.

What Students & Companies Say About SBPs

Is your company interested in our student consulting services?

By giving EHL students the opportunity to work on a mission for your company, you allow them to test their skills and creativity in a real professional context.

In exchange we offer you the professionalism, rigor and spirit of innovation of the students and faculty of EHL. Take advantage of the extra brains who will put their creativity and energy at the service of your company.