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Mr Manuel Jobin

Manuel Jobin


Federal Diploma of Chef Cuisinier CFC of Cook


Lecturer - Practical Arts

Teaching Location(s)

EHL Campus Lausanne

Teaching Subject(s)

International Cuisine

Area(s) of Expertise

International cuisine

Short Bio

Manuel Jobin is a Lecturer Practical Arts teaching food and beverage preparation and service courses at EHL. He joined EHL in 2015 as a cook working in various food court stations and workshops like R&D and catering.

While working at EHL, he took professional courses and obtained a Federal Diploma of "Chef Cuisinier" in Switzerland in 2019.

Manuel began his career as an apprentice in the kitchen of a home for seniors in Saint-Légier. He started by working for three years at the Brasserie du Lavaux. Then he gained experience by working in several establishments in the Lausanne region such as the Quai des Brunes, Lausanne Palace and Kaizen Restaurant among others as Chef de Partie, to Sous-Chef. He then experimented Creole cuisine in Saint-Barthélemy in the Caribbean for a year. He then returned to Switzerland and developed his culinary knowledge by working in a restaurant specializing in tea kitchens with open kitchen, and then joined EHL.

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