Why Upgrade to a Bachelor's Degree?

Having a hotel and/or restaurant management diploma is an excellent first step towards professional fulfillment, but to reach upper-level leadership roles or pursue a master's program, a bachelor's degree is often required. We recommend that students complete their bachelor's degree when they have the opportunity, so they can access greater opportunities in their future academic and professional lives. 


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By choosing EHL to complete your Bachelor's degree, you will:

  • Earn a degree from the world's top-ranking hospitality management school
  • Enjoy small classes with professors dedicated to your success
  • Obtain your Bachelor's degree in only a few academic semesters
  • Experience up to 3 EHL Campuses in Switzerland and Singapore
  • Gain a complete portfolio of skills in sales & marketing, HR, and business management
  • Access master-level studies worldwide after graduation
  • Graduate into EHL's powerful alumni network, with the industry reputation to back your career.

Completing the Bachelor Degree in 4 Semesters

Who is it for? Students of the following types of institutions: 

  • Hospitality schools: A minimum of 60 ECTS and one year of professional experience, including internships.
  • USA Universities: Associate Degree, minimum 40 US credits, and one year of professional experience, including internships.
  • Others: please contact admissions

Entry point: Semester 3 of the Bachelor of Science 

Locations: Passugg for the first semester and Lausanne for the last two semesters 

Direct Entry to Complete the Bachelor Degree in 3 Semesters

Completing the Bachelor’s Degree in 3 Semesters 

Who is it for? Students who have successfully completed the Swiss Professional Degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management on EHL Campus Passugg or an equivalent program* 

Entry point: Semester 3 of the Bachelor of Science with exemption from Semester 5 Internship

Locations: Passugg for the first semester and Lausanne for the last two semesters

This is the final portion of the Professional Pathway to the Bachelor's Degree. 

Courses and Curriculum

You will start directly in the 3rd semester of the Bachelor program.  

Through classroom projects, you will dive into advanced management concepts and their application in the following subject areas:

  • Revenue Management
  • Talent Management Systems
  • Legal Awareness
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Customer Information & Distribution
  • Channel Management
  • International Services Marketing
  • Foreign Languages

(Not required for students of the Swiss Professional Degree.)

This internship offers you the possibility to apply the management concepts you have learned in class to real-world projects, teams and departments.

Gain more experience in classic hospitality sectors or try another type of business such as finance, luxury, travel, events or wellness.

Alternatively, instead of the management internship, you can choose to be an intern in your own start-up project, dedicating all of your time and energy to developing your business concept and getting it running with the guidance of faculty members. 

Graduates of Professional Degrees (HF/ES/SS) in Hospitality are exempt from this internship but may elect to complete an additional internship semester if they wish. 

You will apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to become a business strategist and consultant during the Strategy Challenge.

You will integrate all of your prior experience and industry knowledge and further develop your skills in business innovation and strategy with:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Hotel Asset Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Project Management
  • Market Research

During this semester, select students will have the opportunity for an exchange semester in Singapore. 

During your final Bachelor semester, you can choose three elective courses depending on your interest and career aspirations, so you can tailor-make your skillset depending on where you want to go after graduation. 

You will apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to become a business strategist and consultant.

  • An Individual Bachelor Thesis
    Your task will be to find a solution to an industry-specific problem using qualitative and/or quantitative research methods. You will be supervised by an experienced faculty member, who will coach you in the methods needed to succeed.
  • A Student Business Project.
    Put your research and analytical skills to work as you work in a team as student consultants to provide recommendations for real problems in real companies.

At graduation, you will have the hard skills to manage all key areas in the hospitality business and provide effective and innovative solutions, taking into account environmental, social and ethical issues. You will also know how to think critically and apply knowledge in the hospitality industry by gathering and interpreting relevant data, to make informed decisions.

In the area of soft skills, you will learn to be an effective communicator, leader, and autonomous professional using all of your experience, senses and service culture to interact with confidence, enthusiasm, and creativity in a professional environment. When you leave EHL, it’s only the beginning as you become a life-long learner, always seeking greater knowledge and connections.


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