Exploring the Asia-Pacific Region

One of the best things about living in Singapore is the easy-to-access, low-cost travel options for exploring Southeast Asia. On the weekend, you can visit some of the world's most luxurious resorts, ancient temples, and pristine beaches, which are only a short flight or ferry ride away. From closest to home, to further abroad, here are some of the places in Southeast Asia that you can easily visit while living in Singapore.


Malaysia is just a short bus ride or flight away from Singapore and Johor is just across a bridge, offering low-cost shopping and personal services (haircuts, manicures, etc.). The capital, Kuala Lumpur, features impressive skyscrapers, city markets and the Batu Caves. Penang and Ipoh are two old-school cities with tons of eclectic street food and street art. Langkawi is a secluded tropical island for relaxing on the beach or exploring the jungle.


Just a short flight away (~2-2.5 hours), Thailand offers a wonderful variety of sites and adventures. Chiang Mai for visiting old temples and biking through the countryside.  Krabi and Phuket offer the ultimate weekend getaway with amazing beaches, snorkeling or scuba. Bangkok is one of the world's most-visited cities, attracting many with the crazy night-life, open markets and big-city hustle.



After a quick 2-hour flight, you can find yourself in the capital, Ho Chi Minh, a buzzing city with an eclectic mix of modernity and ancient traditions with many culinary delights. In the north, Hanoi, has an amazing historical old town with quaint shops and modern art culture. And don't forget Hoi An, a colorful city with a picturesque Old Town, beaches, and markets with great street food.



You don't even have to take a plane to visit the fabulous Bintan and Batam Islands, where luxury resorts and pristine beaches await you for a day of sun, swimming and snorkeling. Bali is just a short flight away, so you can spend a few days in paradise exploring cute towns, admiring volcanos or learning to surf from the white sandy beaches. Jakarta is a mega-metropolis where you can find just about anything in terms of food, shopping and nightlife. 



China is a large and diverse country to explore. From the big cities and countryside experiences of the mainland, to the unique cultures and sites of its off lying islands, you will find experiences for every mood and season. 



Just a short flight away (~2 hours), Cambodia has some of the world's most impressive temples, such as the ancient Angkor Temples at Siem Reap. The capital, Phnom Penh, is a bustling city hub with many historical sites and tasty street food and tailor shops. Sihanoukville Beaches feature vibrant beach resorts and diving or snorkeling.