When you arrive on campus, you’ll discover EHL’s unique community, quirky vocabulary, and time-honored traditions. From the Intro Week to the Fête Finale, you will be immersed in the EHL spirit and experience how it reflects the EHL Values and integrates new members into the EHL Family, year after year. 


Intro Week

The first week when you arrive on campus is a very exciting time. Students from all years, and staff and faculty from every department join in to welcome new students and show them the ropes.

You can expect to go through registration, get settled in your accommodation, and participate in many onboarding activities, such as uniform fitting, campus tours, and ice-breakers where you will meet your new classmates and professors.

EHL Culture

As with every big family, EHLers (as we call ourselves) have our eccentricities.
Here are some of our most popular posts and videos that lift the veil on EHL’s secret ways:

This is EHL vocabulary.


We have excellent MOFs.
What are the MOFs?


What are perks
of dating an EHL student?

“Savoir-être” is big at EHL,
best to know what is expected.
What's the famous
EHL team spirit?

Fête Universelle

The Fête Universelle (or Universal Party) is the EHL students’ tribute to being one big, magnificent, multicultural family. Organized by student committee, this party invites students to represent their national or cultural heritage and show other students what it’s about. Food stands, performances, multimedia experiences, and much more; this event introduces students to cultures and ways of life from around the world.  

Graduation Celebrations

At the end of every semester, EHL students and staff celebrate the graduating class with activities including the graduation ceremony, Fête Finale (or Final Party), and a Grad Trip abroad (organized by and for only graduates).

The Fête Finale is organized by a student committee, and whether its theme is a Night in Havana or Arabian Nights, this party showcases the talents of EHL students onstage and behind the scenes.  


YHS (Young Hoteliers Summit)

The Young Hoteliers Summit is an influential student-organized hospitality summit that attracts guests and speakers from around the world. Featuring presentations, an industry challenge and a ranking report, this event facilitates a mutually beneficial exchange between hospitality students and the industry. In 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, the YHS transitioned to a digital hybrid event in just two weeks, proving how agile our young hoteliers can be. 


Student Activities


Wellbeing & Support