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Whether you dream of opening a restaurant or starting your own innovative F&B business, this program will give you the necessary skills and connections. Your own business project will take shape thanks to managerial modules (finance, marketing, leadership...) and the tools EHL has developed to help entrepreneurs.

It will also immerse you in culinary operations, from fine-dining cuisine in EHL’s gastronomic restaurant to freshly prepared takeaway food, going through catering, oenology, or even R&D. Benefit from the instruction of world-recognized chefs and top experts with a strong global work experience within the F&B industry.

Key Facts



EHL Culinary & Restaurant Management Certificate. Sous-vide Certification. Optional: HACCP, Barista, Mixology & Art de la Table. 



20 weeks, on-site full-time program



550+ hours of both academic and practical instruction with additional electives, individualized coaching and optional internship



Lausanne, Switzerland


Alumni Network

30’000 alumni in 150+ countries


Application Deadlines

For visa candidates: 15 December 2023
For non-visa candidates: 15 January 2024 


Endorsed by Franck Giovannini

Franck Giovannini was named “Chef of the Year 2018” by the Swiss edition of Gault & Millau guide. Chef Giovannini heads Hotel de ville de Crissier, one of the best – if not the best – gastronomic restaurants in the world, a 3-star Michelin for over 40 years now! Each of its 4 Chefs, including Chef Giovannini, got that prestigious award from the famous French guide!

In addition to his endorsement to the program, Chef Giovannini personally welcomes a group of EHL students to the restaurant on a weekly basis and shares his insights, showing the students how to create a 3* Michelin customer experience and discover all the preparation that goes into such an establishment.
EHL Culinary Management Certificate c

Benefits of the Culinary & Restaurant Management Certificate

Embark on a journey where you'll connect academic insights with practical applications. Receive tailored coaching for your business plan from top chefs and industry experts who excel in blending technical know-how with key soft skills. Designed to prepare you for managing F&B operations, this program covers all aspects from ground-level operations to high-level management. Further enrich your learning experience through exclusive networking events, offering direct access to wisdom and strategies from experienced industry leaders.

You will graduate with:

  • Culinary basics for operations
  • Management skills to develop and run F&B businesses
  • Five professional certifications (four of which are optional)
  • Swiss and European souvenirs and broader cultural awareness
  • A strong global network of peers, industry leaders and alumni

Thank you Mr. Robuchon

True to his lifetime commitment to share his knowledge with the next generations, Joël Robuchon was the godfather of the program since its launch. It was a privilege and an honor for EHL to collaborate with such a great professional and human being. As he used to say, “you can’t cook if you do not love people”.

He was the most award-winning Chef in the world and in history with over 40 Michelin stars won (32 on-going when he passed away), also named "Chef of the Century" by Gault-Millau, "Meilleur Ouvrier de France," a prestigious title that only a few can claim in France.

Program key features and benefits

Program details

Discover the program modules and courses


  • International cuisine & culinary basics
  • Pastry & bakery making
  • Oenology
  • Mixology
  • Events catering and operations management


In this module, students will acquire basic techniques of baking, pastry-making, and cooking. They will also acquire the knowledge needed to work in a banqueting service, both in terms of service and cooking. In the practical courses, the emphasis will be on developing an entrepreneurship mindset along with practical skills. In addition, during the mixology and oenology courses, students will learn the basics of wine and alcoholic beverage knowledge, as well as sensory analysis and cocktail creation. By the end of this module, students will have specific knowledge and practical skills in cooking, service and beverages.


  • Fine dining cuisine at the Berceau des Sens
  • Fine dining restaurant at the Berceau des Sens
  • Bistronomic cuisine at the 1893
  • Culinary R&D Design Lab
  • Service quality & Design

In this module, students will immerse themselves in the world of luxury culinary excellence. They will learn the art of cooking and service at the bistronomic restaurant Le 1893 and the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Berceau des Sens. They will nurture their creativity with hands-on experiences on the Culinary Research and Development course. They will also learn how to improve the quality and design of service using tools and techniques to personalize the customer experience. By the end of this module, students will have acquired a luxury mindset focused on quality, customer experience and emerging trends.


  • Developing entrepreneurial projects
  • Leadership and team management
  • Performance & HR management
  • Fundamentals of F&B operations
  • Fundamentals of sustainable business


In this module, students will acquire strategic leadership and management competencies essential for success in the F&B industry. They will be equipped with key business tools and theories to manage and lead entrepreneurial projects by applying sustainable practices that foster an entrepreneurship-responsible mindset. This module will enable students to discover human resource management strategies so that they are better equipped with innovative approaches to lead and inspire people. By the end of this module, students will possess the requisite skills for proficiently crafting entrepreneurial projects, complemented by essential competencies in people management.


  • Marketing basics for the F&B industry
  • Digital marketing and branding strategy
  • Market analysis and consumer behavior


In this module, students will acquire a strong foundation in F&B marketing essentials. They will be equipped to navigate the multiple challenges of marketing within the industry. They will develop and execute effective digital marketing strategies and will gain knowledge to analyse market and consumer behavior. Students will gain knowledge of strategic decision-making, problem-solving, and the intricacies of brand strategy. By the end of this module, students will have acquired the competencies for success in promoting and positioning F&B businesses in a competitive market landscape.


  • Food & Beverage Cost control
  • Finance in F&B
  • Financial basics for small business owners


In this module, students will acquire financial management competencies in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. Students will gain knowledge on optimization and inventory management, covering specific knowledge such as menu design, pricing, and marketing strategies. They will also acquire budgeting, financial analysis, and securing funding competencies. By the end of the module, students will be well-equipped to make informed financial decisions, ensuring the profitability of F&B establishments.


  • Business Plan
  • Concept creation
  • Business tools for the F&B industry


In this module, students will learn the various stages of designing, establishing, and defending a business plan. A mixture of theory, interactive workshops and coaching sessions will equip students with the skills and methods needed to identify business ideas and assess their feasibility. Students will work collaboratively to develop a business plan, that they will run and operate in an event at the end of the program. By the end of this module, they will have acquired a systematic and hands-on knowledge of business planning in relation to the development of a concept.

Admissions & Fees

At EHL, we take a comprehensive approach to admissions. We look for candidates who have the intellectual qualities and interpersonal skills to be successful leaders in hospitality and service businesses.

  • Aptitude for critical thinking & analysis
  • Cultural awareness & language skills
  • Customer-oriented service approach
  • Self-management & personal motivation

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