Fees & Scholarships for the EHL Bachelor Course in Singapore

The fees and scholarships associated with our course are provided here for informational purposes only. We reserve the right to modify these at any time.

Bachelor Fees for study in Singapore

Fees Breakdown Total Payable in SGD
(incl. GST if any)

Tuition fees


Communal services1


F&B & printing2 6,500
Total Course Fees Payable 143,700
No of Installments 3


1.  Communal services fees cover the costs related to the facilities, such as site security, student affairs services, career center services or alumni lifetime membership and are detailed in the table below.

2.  Prepaid amount for beverage and printing services offered on campus. Please note that EHL Campus (Singapore) offers lunch service on-campus provided by a catering services company.

Communal Services SGD
Facilities, Sports, Security 7,400
Student Affairs Services 6,580
Career Center Services 4,000
Alumni Lifetime Membership 2,500

Miscelleanous Fees

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory fees which the students pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by EHL Campus (Singapore) Ltd. Pte when the need arises. 

Purpose of Fee Amount in SGD
(with GST, if any)
Health Insurance1 (per semester)


Additional study material
(estimated, per semester)
Exam Retake (per exam) 410
Late Payment fees
(per late payment request sent)


1. Students enrolled at EHL Campus (Singapore) must have valid health insurance throughout their studies

Fees for Students Joining the Preparatory Year in Lausanne

The Preparatory Year in Lausanne is a separate program that has its own fees, payable to EHL Campus Lausanne.

These fees are detailed in the document below.