Fees for students eligible according to the A-HES - Agreement of 12 June 2003

The financial agreement between EHL and the HES-SO (Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale) states that the HES-SO will cover part of the tuition fees of eligible students. According to this agreement, tuition fees for the students concerned are limited to CHF 1,000 per academic year, the remainder being paid by the HES-SO.

This measure becomes effective from the first year of the HES-SO Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management. It does not apply to the Preparatory Year, which is not covered by this agreement.

As well as students who are Swiss nationals whose parents live in Switzerland, students are also eligible if, at the time they register, they fulfil one of the following conditions, according to the A-HES intercantonal agreement (see below):

  • Students that are Swiss nationals who have parents living abroad, or whose mother and father are deceased and who live abroad.
  • Refugees and stateless persons of age assigned to a canton in Switzerland, whose mother and father are deceased or whose parents are living abroad
  • Foreigners of age whose civil residence is in Switzerland, whose mother and father are deceased or whose parents are living abroad
  • Foreign students of age who have lived permanently for at least two years in Switzerland, where they have had paid employment giving them financial independence, without undertaking a training course at the same time
  • Foreign students whose parents’ civil residence or whose guardians’ headquarters (if relevant) is located in Switzerland.
  • Students whose parents live in the Geneva border zone and who have at least one parent working in the Canton of Geneva may benefit from this measure.

The questionnaire determining the granting of A-HES status will be sent to students one month before the start of the academic year. Only the HES-SO has the authority to determine a student’s status. If a student abandons his or her studies or changes A-HES status for any other reason before 15 October or 15 April, depending on the half-year in progress, the HES-SO will stop contributing to tuition fees.