Join Our Global Network of Excellence

Since 1893, EHL has continually built an extensive, powerful network of hospitality professionals, business partners and education providers, all working together to create greater opportunities and elevate the future of hospitality worldwide.

Our networking activities are centered around these objectives:

  • Uniting academic and industry leaders who share EHL's values and mission
  • Providing life-long learning for hospitality professionals and organizations
  • Enabling individuals and organizations to achieve excellence 
  • Building capabilities and resources in the global hospitality workforce
  • Embedding sustainability into every activity within our Group and global network

When you become a member of the EHL community, our network becomes your resource, offering endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

EHL Alumni

Our powerful alumni network is composed of more than 30,000 individuals who are working and living in 150 countries worldwide. These graduates contribute to excellence at EHL and in the hospitality industry by:
  • Returning to EHL to recruit talent, mentor students and share insights
  • Developing innovative business concepts to shape the future of hospitality
  • Contributing to thought leadership (EHL conferences, lectures, blog articles)
  • Representing EHL values in their businesses and CSR initiatives.

Industry Partners & Sponsors

EHL industry partners collaborate with the EHL community in a mutually beneficial exchange of insights and opportunities. They collaborate with EHL Campuses and EHL Advisory Services in many ways, including:

  • Sponsoring research and developing academic expertise
  • Testing the latest prototypes and concepts at EHL
  • Investing in startups at EHL’s Innovation Village and Hospitality Business Incubator
  • Seeking student consulting services
  • Hiring EHL interns and students through Career Fairs and EHL’s recruitment platform
  • Event sponsorship and publicity at EHL events and campuses
  • Contributing to EHL’s CSR initiatives and scholarship fund

EHL Alliance

The EHL Alliance is our global business network of leading academic and industry players. As a member of the EHL Alliance, you can gain privileged access to resources and discounts (between 20 and 50% off) on select products and services:

  • EHL Advisory Services for business and education
  • R&D resources for prototypes and feedback on product pitches
  • Brand visibility with sponsorship and participation in international events
  • Inspiration from EHL’s Innovation Village, startups and angel investing
  • Life-long learning from the best in professional training and executive education

Network of EHL Certified Schools

Through an accreditation-like process, EHL certifies hospitality management schools in countries around the world, creating a strong network of academic institutions that share EHL values and mission.  EHL students and faculty members can rest assured that EHL certified schools offer:

  • A benchmarked curriculum that satisfies EHL’s standards for academics.
  • Appropriate campus facilities for hospitality management education and training.
  • Transfer/exchange opportunities with EHL-quality academics.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with a global network of certified schools.

EHL Vocational Education & Training (VET) Licensing

Ready-to-deliver hospitality training programs

Our Vocational Education & Training (VET) licensing program enables learning centers and organizations to implement ready-made Swiss hospitality training programs, thereby addressing two of the biggest challenges that tourism-developing nations face today: training qualified staff and contributing to long-term employment growth in service sectors.  

Under our VET licensing models, to obtain the Professional Diploma (in Kitchen, Service, Rooms or Hotel Administration) students must complete three certificates, requiring a total of 18 months of alternating courses and internships.