This course is designed to support aspiring students seeking admission to bachelor’s degree programs in Business or Hospitality Management. As a foundation semester, it caters to individuals with diverse academic backgrounds, bridging potential gaps in English or Mathematics, as well as or other essential skills.

While aligned with EHL’s Bachelor admission criteria, this course can also be suitable for accessing bachelor’s programs in Business Administration, Management, and Hospitality at other esteemed educational institutions with similar selective admission standards.


Develop a confident and successful start at university

  • Build confidence to engage in English (English track)
  • Develop foundational knowledge in mathematics and analytical quantitative tools (Math track)
  • Train for admissions interviews and assessments
  • Master presentation and design tools
  • Enhance public speaking and communication skills
  • Discover Hospitality Culture

Key Facts



Lausanne, Switzerland


12 Weeks

Two tracks

Math or English


Start Date

23 September 2024

What you will gain

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Bridge academic gaps

Bridge your English or Math skills, as well as your knowledge in data analysis and visualization tools, for a successful start at university.


Develop personal skills

Develop presentation skills and build your confidence in public speaking. Benefit from one-to-one coaching sessions for personal development.

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Cultural immersion

Take part in immersion trips around Switzerland and discover student life at EHL’s state-of-the-art campus, boasting over 125 nationalities.

A foundation semester to EHL’s Bachelor program

Get ready for your future university studies! Essentials for Hospitality & Business Studies will allow you to level up in English or Mathematics, allowing you a smooth start to EHL’s Bachelor program or any other equivalent program. On top of these key subjects, you will also deep dive into Excel and presentation tools, giving you the capacity to process information and speed-up data analysis and visualization.

If you have not yet applied to EHL’s Bachelor program, or any other equivalent program, this course will prepare you for a successful application process.



CHF 16’800


  • Courses, teaching material, personal coaching, field trips and additional training
  • Accommodation on Campus in double rooms
  • Access to all Campus facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts, and more
  • Pre-paid F&B card for EHL restaurants & outlets

Additional costs (case-by-case): health insurance, administrative fees (ex: visa process), top-up amount for F&B card, and any other personal expenses.

Admissions Criteria

  • A Secondary Education Diploma
  • English language certificate: IELTS (min. 5.5), TOEFL iBT (min. 60 points), TOEFL Essentials (min. 6.5), C1 Advanced (min. Grade B2), Duolingo (min. 90)
  • 18 years old at the start of the course

Application deadline: 16 August 2024

Apply Online

Please apply for the course by filling in the form. Our Admissions Team will review your application and contact you for the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students get the possibility to retake the online Duolingo English exam at the end of the course.

Students who did not meet EHL's admissions criteria may retake their IB exams.

EHL is an accredited institution and has strict admissions requirements. If these requirements are not met, EHL reserves the right to not admit the student in the bachelor program.

Students taking part in this course will start EHL's Bachelor program in the February intake, provided they have been admitted to the bachelor program.

Students who have been declined due to admissions criteria (English score, diploma, etc.) are eligible to this course.
Your admissions officer will inform you of your possibilities. Please contact us for your personal situations at

Students can apply directly to this course, without applying to EHL's Bachelor Program first.

During the course, students will get the opportunity to prepare and apply to EHL's Bachelor program.

Student will receive an EHL Certificate of Attendance, at the end of the course.

Students will be required to pay a down payment when accepted to the program. Full payment details will be communicated soon.

This course does not qualify for scholarships or financial aid.
You can attend the course with a 90-day tourist visa. For more information, please visit:
As student cohesion is important, all students must stay on campus.

Students will stay in the student residences at EHL Campus Lausanne, in a double room.

The EHL Lausanne Campus is a state-of-the-art campus with facilities including a swimming pool, fitness center, tennis courts, running track, beach volleyball and more. Around 500 students reside on campus and students will get to enjoy EHL student life. On-Campus security is available 24/7.

Students will be given a pre-paid student card which can be used at the different restaurants and outlets throughout the campus. Students can top up their card as needed at their own expense.

All students must comply with EHL’s Dress Code between 7am and 7pm.