Students wishing to apply to the Bachelor program must apply to the campus where they wish to follow most of the courses for the degree.  The Preparatory Year takes place on EHL Campus Lausanne for all students.

Please note the additional information below for transfer students following the professional path to the degree, and for other transfer & direct entry students.


EHL Campus Lausanne

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EHL Campus (Singapore)

Professional Path to the Bachelor Degree

Graduates of the Swiss Professional Degree delivered by EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality can complete the Bachelor’s degree by studying for three additional semesters. The first and second semesters take place on EHL Campus Passugg, near Davos, Switzerland (select students may study in Singapore for the second semester).  The final semester takes place at EHL Campus Lausanne.

Transfers & Direct Entry Students

We accept applications from students wishing to bypass the preparatory year and transfer directly into the first year of our Bachelor Program.

We also accept applications for students wishing to transfer from other universities.

Admissions Support

Our dedicated admissions officers are here to help you choose a program, prepare an application, and complete the steps until you arrive on campus.