As a hospitality business school and applied research university, EHL is focused on delivering quality education and innovative solutions for the future of the industry.

As educators and industry partners, we foster life-long learning, thought leadership, and career opportunities.

As a global family, we seek to create caring environments that develop a great sense of responsibility and inclusivity.

We strive to keep our values and sustainability commitments in sight to guide us towards implementing solutions that benefit future generations of students and professionals.

A Culture of Caring

Caring for people is at the heart of hospitality, and the EHL community has a big heart. We are constantly updating and adapting our campus initiatives and business model to ensure that our people and community have the resources and support needed to thrive. We are committed to reinforcing human relations, creating meaningful connections, and nurturing the wellbeing of our students, staff, and faculty.
EHL Students

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at EHL

EHL welcomes a vibrant community of students, faculty, and staff from around the world. 

We are not like the famous Swiss fondue, where all the delicious, individual parts get stirred together to form a homogenous mix.  Instead, we aim to embrace differences and empower every person in the EHL community to stand out and share their unique strengths.

Diversity, equality, equity, inclusion - these principles and standards are being nurtured through multiple initiatives, departments, committees, and policies across EHL’s campuses to create a strong and genuine sense of belonging.


Social Engagement & Sustainability

Through our Sustainability platform - Contributing Beyond Education - we are embedding an environmentally and socially sustainable ethos in all that we do – academics, research, campuses, operations, etc.

With education at the center, our community is working on four Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with real-world implications. Students and faculty get involved to create, promote, and volunteer for diverse initiatives. By making CSR a part of everyday life, we are teaching students applicable tools and techniques to make the world a better place, both during and after their studies.