We're Here for Good

Over the past few years, people from all horizons have rediscovered the importance of human relations and a healthy environment. This renewed focus on people and the planet has led us to strengthen our values and commitments.

As educators, we transmit not only knowledge but also values. We are helping students to develop a caring mindset and a culture of helping each other. We are developing our sustainable business model to ensure that EHL endures and remains relevant for years to come. As a Family, we are writing the next chapter in the story of EHL and the hospitality industry.


Taking Care of the EHL Community

The safety and wellbeing of the EHL community is our priority and we have a wide range of initiatives, committees and processes in place that spans across our campuses. To learn more about the various initiatives, policies, and committees in place at EHL, click on the links here:

Caring for the Environment

Through our Sustainability platform Contributing Beyond Education, EHL is on a journey towards environmental sustainability. On every EHL campus, our community is working together to take better care of the environment. For the coming years, we’re aiming to reduce campus waste and CO2 emissions, offset our carbon footprint, and improve our overall social and environmental impacts.

We’re Making a Difference



of our applied research goals
dedicated to CSR/SD topics
achieved so far

1,500 Hours

of our volonteer work goal
for EHL staff & students
achieved so far


20% Less CO2

Emissions reduction goal
for 2022 versus 2019 values
11 hotels csr

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

We strive to develop a perfect combination of hard skills (IQ: Intelligence or Industry Quotient) and soft skills (EQ: Emotional Intelligence), so our graduates have the knowledge to expertly perform their job while also being aware of their co-worker’s and client’s emotions and needs. This balance is a key part of our Learning Philosophy. These skills are honed through teamwork, internships, academic projects, and extracurricular activities.

CSR Learning Experiences

We are continually updating our courses to integrate corporate social responsibility and sustainability into our classroom and virtual curriculum, as well as throughout the campus experience. We give students opportunities to learn about sustainability, both in and outside the classroom, in order to prepare them for their responsibilities as tomorrow's sustainability leaders.

Examples of CSR-related courses in our Bachelor program:

  • Business ethics (BOSC Semester 6 elective)
  • Corporate Sustainability (BOSC Semester 3)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Innovations (BOSC Semester 6 elective)