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EHL cultivates a living and learning environment where you can celebrate your individuality and expand your horizons in a vibrant international community, where each person is appreciated for their unique viewpoints, ambitions and qualities.

You’ll discover how EHL's commitment to diversity and inclusion, in all forms, is rooted in our fundamental values. As a Family, we stand united, and we care for every member of our community equally. In the practice of Respect, we draw strength from the diverse perspectives, interests, and identities of our community members.

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Women in Leadership Initiative

Launched in 2018, EHL’s Women in Leadership (WIL) initiative is an initiative that encourages students, faculty and staff to participate in research, collaborative projects and events that aim to:

  • Increase leadership opportunities for women in our community and worldwide
  • Support EHL’s female students, faculty, staff, and alumni to lead fulfilled professional and personal lives.
  • Promote corporate culture and policies that foster women’s leadership
  • Create more diverse, balanced, and people-focused environments for all
  • Mobilize the untapped female leadership potential
“We believe that women aspiring to create a positive impact in organizations and society should be empowered to attain their vision and contribute to leadership diversity.”

Gender-Neutral Dress Code

Dressing formally is a gold standard in the hospitality industry, so it’s part of the EHL experience from day one. Where the rules used to dictate how men and women should dress, our new professional appearance guide eliminates gender distinctions and allows each student the freedom to dress the way they feel most comfortable, while looking their best and being appropriate for an international business environment.

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Since 2019, EHL’s Women in Leadership group and Student Affairs department have been spearheading a Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP) Initiative in partnership with the Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF). The purpose is to educate, protect, and empower EHL’s students, faculty and staff regarding sexual harassment and discrimination.

The initiative employs a three-tiered intervention method that includes Basic, Intermediate and Advanced workshops where all forms of sexual harassment are analyzed, discussed from different points of views (victim, perpetrator, bystander) and explored through role-play exercises. These workshops will become progressively mandatory as of the academic year 2021-2022.

Events & Activities

EHL hosts a variety of initiatives and activities that aim to educate members of the EHL community about equality and inclusion. The student services teams offer support for anyone who is experiencing issues related to identity and belonging, and our student committees and faculty initiatives host events and programs that foster dialogue and engagement around diversity.

  • Values Week: A week of celebration highlighting the 5 core EHL values.
  • Regular interactive webinars covering important diversity & inclusion related topics
  • “Speak Up” umbrella hub & initiatives, a safe space to discuss experiences
  • Mindfulness training & stress management
  • Coaching and “professional development roadmap”
  • Ongoing applied research on gender gaps, leadership culture, etc.
  • EHL Recap: A student-led group that enhances the life and learning experience.

Our Commitment to Diversity

EHL is committed to active and systematic promotion of diversity and the prevention of discrimination. As we are a Swiss employer and associated by convention to the HES-SO, University of Applied Science (UAS) in Switzerland, EHL upholds the laws of the Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation, which tolerates no discrimination. Therefore, EHL supports diversity-friendly and inclusive research, teaching, studies, academic self-organization, and administration.

EHL is committed to a culture of “Family” wherein EHL students, faculty, and staff treat each other with the utmost respect, kindness, and open-minded curiosity, regardless of age, disability, gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, social or occupational position, or language. Through our exchanges within the EHL community and our global network of alumni, industry partners, and partner institutions, we welcome the opportunity to broaden our horizons, learn from one another, and thrive through new challenges.

Student Affairs Department

Composed of 23 qualified and certified professionals, EHL’s Student Affairs department coordinates services and programs across EHL campuses to encourage personal growth and professional development. As a resource for most student life questions and concerns, this department is the reference for:

  • Sexual Harassment & Assault Prevention and Response
  • Academic advice and support
  • Career and internship preparation and guidance
  • Webinars and discussion groups about current issues

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