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Inside EHL

At EHL, we don’t separate fun from learning. Everything about the student experience, from the facilities, to the committees, events and excursions, is designed to enrich students’ lives well beyond the university experience.

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    Campus & facilities

    Our campus offers a vibrant and dynamic, international environment with facilities that meet every student need, including numerous labs, study areas and top-notch dining.

    Take a virtual tour to get an idea of the campus, or schedule a visit to see it first-hand. 

    Virtual tour
      Inside EHL Campus & facilities

      Social & sports committees

      We encourage students to live an exemplary life that embraces healthy living, refinement and social engagement. To this end, students participate in numerous social committees and sports associations that unite them around common goals and passions.

      Student Clubs
        EHL Social & sports committees

        Sports & Activities on campus

        In addition to group activities and committees, EHL offers facilities and resources for students to stay fit and lead an active lifestyle independently. Group classes and individual sports offer students the chance for personal development on campus.

        Individual sports
          Sports and Activities on EHL campus

          Exploring Switzerland & Europe

          Our campus sits on top of Lausanne, one of Switzerland’s most popular cities, appreciated for its unique city center that mixes historical beauty with trendy bars, restaurants and stores. With easy public transportation, students can explore other Swiss cities and visit the capitals of Europe, only a short flight away.