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During the EHL bachelor's degree, you will complete two professional internships in companies and locations of your choice. These internships allow you to build real-world experience that enhances your CV and make valuable connections in the industry. Each internship fits within the flow of your academic curriculum, creating a bridge between the concepts learned on campus and the realities of industry practice. 

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First Internship - Operations

Your first industry internship takes place during Semester 2 of the Preparatory Year, allowing you to practice the skills and knowledge gained during your immersive hospitality training semester on campus. To get your first internship, you will receive plenty of support from our onsite Internship & Career Office, including one-on-one guidance to help you search for your ideal internship and advice on how to make your CV stand out and write effective cover letters.

  • Duration: Minimum 24 weeks
  • Location: Switzerland* or abroad
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Positions: Kitchen, Service, Housekeeping, Reception, etc.

How to Find Your First Internship

Before you begin to search for your first internship, you should consider the following criteria to help you narrow down your search range and hone in on an internship that meets your expectations. You should also plan on applying for several different positions. 

  • Company: Multinational, independently owned, small or large
  • Setting: Secluded luxury resort, city boutique hotel, fine dining, etc.
  • Location: Languages required, cultural norms, climate, travel distances, work permits
  • Financial: Paid/unpaid, with or without lodging, average salary for the country/region

Your internship coordinator can help you to prioritize and understand these criteria and guide you on how to find offers that correspond to your needs. Want a student perspective on how to find a great internship (even during a pandemic). Check out this article on the EHL blog:


Second Internship - Administration

Your second internship takes place during Semester 4 of the bachelor's degree. It is designed to allow you to take on greater responsibilities and practice your management skills in a supervisory or administrative role. For the second internship, you are expected to be more independent in the search process, but you still benefit from personalized support from the Internship & Career Office.

  • Duration: Minimum 24 weeks
  • Location: Switzerland or abroad
  • Industry: Any
  • Positions: Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Revenue Management, etc.

Exceptional Internship Opportunities at EHL

In addition to the many administrative and management-level internships that you can acces through EHL's job platform, you will also have the opportunity to pursue the following one-of-a-kind internship experiences through EHL.

Internship in your own start-up: Do you have a food or hospitality-relevant project or start-up idea? You can do your second  internship by further developing your project whilst being based at the EHL Innovation Hub, where you will be guided by faculty innovation experts.

Internship in an Innovation Hub start-up: Are you interested in the thriving entrepreneurship world but don’t have a project of your own? You can apply to do your second internship in one of the 20 food and hospitality start-ups based at EHL Innovation Hub.

Student Entrepreneurship Project (SEP) in your own start-up: Do you have a food or hospitality-relevant start-up? You can do a SEP in Semester 6 by further developing it whilst being based at the EHL Innovation Hub, where you will be guided by faculty innovation experts.

JEHL and Club des Entrepreneurs: EHL puts you in contact with subject matter experts among our faculty and alumni, plus external talents (entrepreneurs, multinational companies, academia, experts, etc) to collaborate in innovation and entrepreneurship projects. These contacts and partnerships generate many opportunities for EHL students and student committees.



Finding an internship, the perfect one that combines one's passions, ambitions and professional skill development is not easy. So many factors have to be taken into consideration: the location, the company, the position, personal motivation. Here are some steps to starting looking for the perfect internship that suits you best. 

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By participating in an internship while obtaining your degree, you will come out with the education you wanted along with the work experience you need to land a job that puts you on your desired future career path. Check out some ways that a school supported internship is worth your time and focus.

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Internship salary depends entirely on the location and company where you do the internship. Some countries have a minimum wage for interns, some do not. Some employers, especially in remote hospitality resort locations, may offer accommodation for interns, but most do not.