Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Hospitality Management

Our Bachelor in Hospitality will prepare you to lead and launch businesses using a dual-excellence approach that develops the perfect balance of hospitality know-how and soft skills, combined with management expertise and academic rigor, which you gain by learning from leading experts in academia and industry practice. It is an ideal choice if you are seeking a business degree foundation with the added excitement of hospitality know-how and internships.


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Course Highlights

  • Global study options in Switzerland and Singapore
  • Practical training to manage businesses from the ground-up
  • Michelin-star experiences with award-winning chefs
  • Dual excellence in academic and industry practice taught by experts
  • Extra-curricular activities and committees to develop leadership and creativity
  • R&D workshop and a chance to intern in your own start-up company
  • Two internships and a business project for a head start in your career

Key Facts



Bachelor of Science HES-SO in Hospitality Management 



4 years including the Preparatory Year



The Swiss Accreditation Council
(Through its association by convention to the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO)



6 months in Operations
6 months in Administration


Preparatory Year

This year-long introduction to the world of hospitality will teach you everything you need to know about hotel and restaurant operations and create a professional foundation for the managerial and strategic courses of the degree.


Your first year at EHL will have you learning in ways you never imagined as you take a running leap into the world of hospitality,  including the privilege of practicing in a Michelin-starred restaurant under the direction of industry-awarded chefs and instructors.

Preparatory Year is delivered on Campus Lausanne in Switzerland, regardless of whether you choose to study in Singapore or Switzerland for the rest of the program. Preparatory Year features:

  • 6-months of hands-on training to develop hospitality know-how
  • 20 workshops covering every aspect of hotel and restaurant operations
  • Expert professional teachers with industry-acclaimed backgrounds
  • 6-month internship in a hospitality company of your choosing

More about the Preparatory year

In the first year of the BSC (after Preparatory Year), you will begin setting the foundation for your management career, learning the tools of the hospitality trade and the technology and terminology of the industry for key hospitality departments and functions.

Semester 1:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Micro-economics
  • Management Information Systems Tools/Spreadsheets
  • Mathematics
  • Food & Beverage Cost Control
  • Foundations of Hospitality Marketing
  • Human Behaviour & Performance in the Workplace
  • Business Communication
  • Foreign Languages

Semester 2:

  • Topics in financial analysis
  • Macroeconomics
  • Statistics
  • Service Quality & Design
  • Hospitality Economics
  • Rooms Division Management
  • Academic writing
  • Computational Thinking
  • Foreign Languages

In the second year, you will take a challenging academic approach to hospitality management theory guided by advanced academic practitioners, applying research to generate robust business and entrepreneurship plans. The academic semester is followed by a management internship, during which you take on a supervisory role or you can even be an intern in your own hospitality start-up company.

 Semester 3:

  • Revenue Management
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Talent Management Systems
  • Customer Information & Distribution Channel Management
  • International Services Marketing
  • Services Operations Management
  • Legal challenges of the hospitality manager
  • Corporate Sustainability

Semester 4:

This internship offers you the possibility to take on greater responsibilities and apply the administrative and management concepts you have learned in class to real world hospitality projects, teams and departments.

Professional achievement: Gain more experience in a classic hospitality establishment or try another type of business such as finance, luxury, travel, events or wellness.

Career skills: Independently, you will search and apply for this internship based on your previous internship experience and career aspirations.

Become an Intern in your own start-up

Instead of the Management in Practice you can choose to be an intern in your own start-up project, dedicating all of your time and energy to developing your business concept and getting it running with the guidance of faculty members.


In the final year, you will apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to become a business strategist and consultant. You will have the chance to choose from our industry-designed electives and tailor make your areas of expertise.

You will choose between an individual applied research project and a student consulting project ("Student Business Project") which is a consulting mandate for a real external client, where you will work in a group to solve a real-world business challenge for an industry partner.

Semester 5:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Hotel Asset Management
  • Organizational Capital & Leadership
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Research Methodology
  • Project Management
  • Market Research

Semester 6 - A tailor-made specialization:

During your final semester, you can choose three elective courses depending on your interest and career aspirations, so you can tailor make your skills sets depending on where you hope to go after graduation.

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Real-World Experience


Hospitality Internships

Your professional internships take place in Preparatory Year and Year Two of your BSc in hospitality degree.  The first internship focuses on hospitality operations and personal professional skills. The second focuses on administrative and supervisory skills as you take on greater responsibilities and apply management theory.


Student Business Project

In the final semester of your bachelor in hospitality degree, you will have the choice between an individual applied research project and a student consulting project ("Student Business Project") which is a consulting mandate for a real external client.


EHL is ranked #1 by employers*

EHL develops career resources and leadership skills to boost your early career prospects and support your personal and professional growth for life.

 *According to the 2019 and 2020 QS Universities ranking study, EHL received the highest number of points awarded by employers, thereby placing first in the category of Employer Reputation.

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EHL's Key Metrics, Student & Graduate Outcomes:

Study in Two Amazing Locations


EHL Campus Lausanne, Switzerland

Experience premium hospitality education and a dynamic lifestyle in a modern business university setting, nestled in the heart of Europe.  There are options for semester exchanges with the Singapore campus for select students.


EHL Campus (Singapore)

Experience big city vibes, refined hospitality and culinary trends, and leading-edge technology, in an urban oasis near the heart of the city. Start at EHL Campus Lausanne for Preparatory Year (see below).

Course Structure for EHL Campus (Singapore) Students

By choosing to study at EHL in Singapore, you will be immersed in Asian culture in the English language as you follow EHL’s Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management. 

Course structure: EHL preparatory year + 3 years of academics



The Professional Pathway Option

After completing the Swiss Professional Degree, delivered by EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality on EHL Campus Passugg, you can complete EHL's Bachelor’s degree by studying for three additional semesters.

The courses will focus on international business strategy and development, with the two first semesters taking place on EHL Campus Passugg, and the final semester on EHL Campus Lausanne.

There is also the option for semester exchanges with the Singapore campus for select students.

Alumni Testimonials

Admissions & Fees

We look for candidates who have outstanding academic and linguistic potential, as well as the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in a high-status hospitality management career. Here are a few of the qualities we seek:

  • Academic aptitude for critical thinking & creativity
  • Interpersonal skills for management and leadership roles
  • Motivation and service mindset
  • International outlook and language skills

We invite you to learn more about the admissions requirements and fees.

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