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Bachelor in Hospitality Management

Our Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management will teach you to run a hospitality business from the ground up: covering everything from operations, to key management tools, and developing a business plan.

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A Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality for Infinite Career Options

The Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management prepares students to become effective leaders, as managers or entrepreneurs, in the global hospitality industry and other diverse service businesses. It offers a balanced curriculum that combines industry immersion with management theory and applied business projects, for well-rounded professionals and leaders.

Immersion in the World of Hospitality

The preparatory year is composed of practical classes in hotel and restaurant operations. You will learn to deliver five-star service in our renowned gastronomic restaurant and hotel environment. Two internships allow you to build experience, first in operations and then in supervision/management and project work.

Business Administration

Our experienced faculty members will guide you through the study of Hospitality Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and other key departments before moving on to strategic business courses. You will learn to think critically, conduct research and make solid decisions to drive business development.

Professional Development

Throughout the program, you will develop valuable, transferable leadership skills and career-building aptitudes, so you can set your own course and become a leader or entrepreneur in any business, anywhere in the world.

Bachelor study path


All the details of the program in our brochure:

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Bachelor in Hospitality Key Facts

  • Title: Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management
  • Duration: 4-year, full-time program
  • Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Preparatory year: 20 weeks of hands-on courses and one 6-month internship in operations
  • 2nd Internship: 6-month supervisory internship
  • Start dates: February and September of each year

EHL Bachelor key facts

Benefits of a Hospitality Management Degree

As a student of the bachelor’s degree in hospitality program, you will benefit from a unique learning experience that does much more than just teach you the theory of Hospitality Management.

You will graduate with:

  • Professional skills and management expertise
  • Real work experience (internships)
  • An internationally accredited degree (Swiss/ECTS & NECHE)
  • Travel experiences, cultural awareness and language skills
  • A global network of alumni connections
  • Industry recognition and business contacts

A Real Life Project

In the final semester of the bachelor program and to complete your degree program, you can choose between a student business project (SBP) or an individual applied research project.

SBP: You will join a team of five students tasked with providing a consulting service to an external client. During the course of the project you will either work on the client's premises or on a consulting-mode and deliver your project through a formal presentation on campus. A large majority of our students' proposals are put into action by the clients and a significant number of students are hired by the same client at the end of the project.

Research project: Your task will be to find a solution to an industry-specific problem using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. You will be supervised by an experienced faculty member who will coach you in the methods needed to successfully complete your project.

Student Resources for Industry
SBP students
Admissions & Fees

At EHL, we take a comprehensive approach to undergraduate program admissions. We look for candidates who have the academic foundation and personal qualities to be successful in our challenging program.

  • Aptitude for critical thinking & creativity
  • Interest in culture & language skills
  • Can-do attitude & service mindset
  • Desire for leadership roles

We invite you to learn more about the admissions requirements and fees.

Direct Entry into the Bachelor Program

Exclusive for graduates with professional degrees in hospitality and university transfers: Learn more about the opportunity to join one of the most prestigious Hospitality Management schools in the world.

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