We've come a long way since our beginnings in 1893, as the first hotel school in the world. Back then, the first palace hotels welcomed elegant travelers to the Swiss Alps and lakeshores, as the first “tourists” were on tours of Europe.

Our little class had around 20 students who were training to become hotel professionals and gracious hosts. We now have over 3,600 international students on campuses in Lausanne, Passugg and Singapore, and our graduates are leading many different types of businesses around the world.

We grew bigger than our name: Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (or Lausanne Hotel School). Our new name - EHL Hospitality Business School - reflects who we are today, with our broad academic portfolio, our innovation hub, and our research institutes. We're a business school with the secret for great customer experiences.

Business Education for a Better Future

At EHL we infuse a business school’s rational and critical thinking with hospitality’s benevolence and integrity. This is our proprietary savoir-faire.

We help our students grow professionally and personally. We prepare them to lead organizations and projects responsibly and respectfully, with great care for cultures and individuals.

Ranked Among the Top Business Schools

In recent years, EHL has broken out of the hospitality niche to rank among Switzerland’s top universities and business schools.

In 2024, EHL ranked #6 for Business & Management Studies in Switzerland, by QS World University Rankings. This ranking reflects the power of business education with a hospitality attitude.

EHL today is about customer-centricity, entrepreneurship, and innovation, more than hotel management.


Business Degrees & Courses

For many years now, EHL has been much more than a hotel management school. We took the business school route decades ago, adding core business subjects, applied research, and consulting projects into the curriculum. Nowadays, we have a broad range of business courses, and around 75% of our curriculum focuses on business and management.

Real-World Business Experience

Learning to run a business requires more than courses, lectures, and assignments. It calls for real-world experience. EHL places students into a business environment from day one. They dress professionally. They travel the world on internships. They serve as consultants in the Student Business Projects. They learn both inside and outside the classroom. This all-round experience is what makes EHL graduates so good at doing business.

Broader Business Career Options

If you think that hospitality education leads to less career choices than general business, think again. Hospitality and business knowledge combine to form a highly attractive mix. Top companies from around the world hire EHL graduates for a wide range of roles. Our alumni work in many different sectors. Here are some key facts that show just how wide we open the doors for our graduates.
50% of EHL Alumni
work in hospitality
70% are in management
positions or higher
33% of our students
intend to start their own business

Sharing Business Insights

What use is knowledge if you don't share it? EHL is a house of business knowledge for students and industry partners. Over the past year, we have provided support for the industry during the COVID crisis, founded several research institutes, and opened an Innovation Village with a business incubator to bring solutions to the industry. Our faculty members and students share their insights on the EHL blog every day.

B2B Solutions

At EHL, we don’t just teach business, we are business consultants and partners. We offer a wide range of consulting services, training solutions, networking opportunities, and academic quality assurance schemes for partners worldwide. This is our B2B branch:

International business school accreditation & memberships

Today, EHL is a global hospitality business education provider with campuses in Switzerland and Singapore, plus associated schools in 10 different countries. As such, we uphold an international standard for business education and adhere to accreditation schemes and educational quality associations.  On EHL Campus Passugg, we also offer more traditional hotel management studies with vocational and professional hotel training programs.