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Our Students are Extraordinary

With almost 3,400 students from over 100 different countries, our campus is home to a close-knit student community that is both dynamic and multicultural, and their diversity enriches every aspect of the student experience.

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    Student Diversity

    EHL bachelor degree students come from many different countries and often speak several languages, while the graduate students bring professional and academic experience from diverse institutions and industries. In our unique campus setting, these students mingle across ages, backgrounds and experience levels to exchange ideas, industry stories and cultural insights, just like they would in the global hospitality industry.

      Student diversity at EHL Hospitality programmes
      Shared Qualities & Experiences:

      Our students come from around the world bringing a rich variety of cultures, languages and traditions to our campus. In addition to their diverse backgrounds, EHL students share certain qualities and ideals that unite them.

      Industry Passion:

      Our students have a passion for everything related to hospitality and tourism. They share a love for working with people, travel and cultural exchanges, challenging projects and endless opportunities. When their inspiration comes together on campus, they bring great ideas, partnerships and projects to life.

      Work Ethic:

      Our students worked hard to get here and they show a deep commitment to working diligently and creatively to achieve their academic and professional goals. On campus, during an internship, in class and in front of industry leaders, they never shy away from hard work and they persevere until the job is done right.


      At the heart of every EHL student lays a thirst for adventure and discovery. They want to experience it all: see new places, meet people, and experience different cultures, languages, foods, sports, art, etc. They embrace every opportunity to try something new, and they use those experiences for inspiration in their personal and professional lives.


      The average age on campus hovers in the millennial to Gen Z group, these generations that are growing up with constant change. The students bring this adaptability into the classroom to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit and they take a creative approach to solving business challenges that is shaping the future of the industry.

      Responsibility & Leadership:

      Our students are no followers, they want to lead the way and blaze new trails in the hospitality and service industries. We take this natural desire to lead and hone it into skills and strategies for motivating teams, creating solutions and making innovation work.

        Students key facts

        • 85% of students speak three or more languages
        • 3397 students enrolled
        • 121 nationalities on campus
        • 72% international students

        September 2018 intake statistics

          EHL students
          Student Activities

          On campus, EHL students have endless opportunities to share their passions and ideas in the student committees and clubs. From event planning to wine tasting, and fine arts to intellectual pursuits, there is something for everyone at EHL.  EHL students are active in a number of regular sports teams, and the school proposes many other optional sports activities and excursions throughout the year, depending on the season and demand.

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