Learning day to explore hospitality, business & yourself

Would you like to take every opportunity to grow? Be proactive and develop competencies that you can take everywhere with you. ​ ​ Immersion days give you the opportunity to step in the world of business and hospitality in a city close to you, or online. ​

Understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur, a general manager, an online marketer, or simply develop insights, skills and your mindset on different subjects related to business, hospitality, and personal development and communication. Learn while having fun on an EHL Immersion Days! Team activities, projects and the chance to win prizes with your group.

What You will gain


Explore the Business World

Immerse yourself in the world of hospitality and business. Discover a different topic per city or online and identify its link with the hospitality industry.


Meet new friends

Make new friends living close to you. Work in teams to solve a business case, develop a concept and practice your presentation and speaking skills.


Build your future career

Start building your CV and your network with the recognition of an EHL certificate. Get insights from EHL experts, Alumni and Students on different subjects. Be prepared to open the door to your future career.

Key Facts





5 to 6 hours



16 to 19


CHF 420.-


Characteristics may vary according to your region, have a look at the different registration links below or contact us.

Who Should Join?

EHL Immersion days are designed for young people who are curious about future business and career opportunities in the broader service industries and who wish to expand their horizons in terms of university choice.

Language Skills
Candidates must speak English at a minimum B2 level (upper-intermediate level) for English Sessions.


Develop your competencies and mindset, meet other students from your region, and network with EHL alumni.

If you decide to continue your learning journey by attending a Junior Academy program, Immersion Day attendees will also be exempted from the Junior Academy enrolment fee.

The cities where you can register

Choose your city, date and topic and register online. 

Region City Date Topic
Asia Shanghai 13 August 2022 Insights into Luxury REGISTER
Europe Barcelona 12 November 2022 Entrepreneurial Mindset REGISTER
Europe Paris 19 November 2022 Public Speaking Mastery REGISTER
Worldwide Online 3 & 4 December 2022 
(Afternoon CET)
Basics of Hospitality Management - Holiday Season Special REGISTER

What you'll learn during the course:

Choose your topic and discover what you'll learn during your day with EHL in your city of choice. 

  • Explain the skills of an entrepreneur and how to become one​
  • Apply the key steps in the elaboration of a business idea​
  • Develop creativity & entrepreneurial initiative​

Group Project
Present a potential new business concept

  • List the similarities between business and hospitality companies​
  • Describe the hospitality and service aspects of every business​
  • Evaluate the cultural impact of international expansion for a local business​

Group Project
Integrate a hospitality culture in an international business

  • Define today’s global sustainability challenges and opportunities​
  • Identify key concepts and practices used by countries and hotels​
  • Explain innovation examples in the field of sustainability​

Group Project
Develop a CSR initiative for a hospitality business

  • Describe the Impact of  verbal and non-verbal communication​
  • Plan and prepare speeches that inform, persuade, or fulfill a specific need using storytelling​
  • Improvise an impactful speech​

Group Project
Create a speech around a sentence/an image or a single word

  • Define the codes of luxury ​
  • Differentiate between a premium and a luxurious guest experience​
  • Assess the power of luxury brands​

Group Project
Benchmark a luxury brand

  • Identify your personality type and identify others​
  • Recognize different personalities ​
  • Adapt your communication to be more effective in sharing a message, for team collaboration or to solve difficult situations​

Group Project
Communicate a project being impactful and effective

  • Describe the key elements of a successful restaurant concept​
  • Illustrate the difference between innovation and creativity​
  • Compare the innovation aspects of different concepts ​

Group Project
Create a new restaurant concept

  • Differentiate a leader from a manager​
  • Recognize your leadership skills and different leadership styles​
  • Practice techniques to leverage your leadership potential​

Group Project
Create your leadership philosophy and values

  • Describe the basic organizational structure of a hotel ​
  • Differentiate the different operational departments of a hotel (Food production, F&B service, front office, and housekeeping)​
  • Discover the risks and challenges in hotel operations​

Group Project
Face and solve a challenge in hotel operations

  • Differentiate between hotel and hospitality management​
  • Describe the Business functions of a hotel and hospitality business​
  • Explain the role and profile of a hospitality manager​

Group Project
Take decisions as a hotel manager

  • Describe today’s trends in marketing through stories and social media​
  • Discuss the importance of stories for consumers, marketers, influencers, and advertisers in the hospitality world​
  • Develop your creativity to reach your audience​

Group Project
Create a digital story to market your hotel