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EHL Summer Academy

Step into the exciting world of hospitality management with this prestigious summer program designed  for high school and pre-university students. This one or two-week summer camp of interactive workshops will give you a taste of what you can expected in our hospitality bachelor degree. Choose your camp, on campus and/or virtual, and combine up to three camps to get the complete EHL experience.

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    Interactive Program for Junior Leaders

    The EHL Junior Academy offers a balanced program of interactive workshops and fun activities to introduce students to the art of Hospitality Management. You will discover everything that this global industry has to offer from the exciting international culture and lifestyle, to various career opportunities.
    To cater to the different types of careers in the hospitality industry, EHL offers its Junior Academy in three different focus areas. You can choose to focus on the business and innovation side of hospitality in Lausanne, or dive in the traditional hospitality and culinary operations in Passugg or discover hospitality in a digital world on our online Junior Academy.

    You also have the possibility to join a  two week or three week camp by combining our Lausanne, Passugg and/or Digital Campus.

      junior hospitality management training programme

      EHL Academy : Virtual Campus

      Hospitality in a digital world

      A one week online program to experience Swiss quality education, discover the world of Hospitality and prepare for your future.
      Join live sessions with industry experts, discover how technology is changing the hospitality industry, learn to navigate in a virtual environment, dive into online communication and reputation, develop your team-work skills by collaborating in a digital workplace and have a little fun from wherever you are in the world.

      5 days to explore your passion for Hospitality in a digital world and become part of the EHL Family.  This experience can be combined with Lausanne and/or Passugg camps.

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        EHL Academy virtual campus

        Hospitality immersion

        Hands-on classes give you a chance to explore the latest trends in the hospitality sector. In culinary arts, you get to be a chef for a day. On excursions to local five-star hotels and vineyards, you get to see how a successful hospitality business operates.

        Business concepts

        Our experienced faculty members will introduce you to the concepts of hospitality service excellence and restaurant management. Then, you will develop leadership and team-work skills through real-life hospitality case studies and projects.

        International fun and friends

        This program attracts students from around the world for a week of shared experiences that build cultural awareness and international friendships.  Activities and excursions will allow you to relax and enjoy Switzerland’s tourism culture and amazing landscapes. 

        Next Dates

        All sessions are in English,

        Lausanne Campus:

        • Sunday July 26 to Saturday August 1, 2020
        • Sunday August 2 to Saturday August 8, 2020
        • Sunday August 9 to Saturday August 15, 2020

        Passugg Campus:

        • Sunday July 26 to Saturday August 1, 2020

        Digital Campus:

        • Monday 17 August to Friday 21 August 2020

        2-week program
        Curious about both the business program as well as the traditional operations side? Register for the 2-week program and combine a week in Lausanne with a week in Passugg.

        • Sunday July 26 to Saturday August 8, 2020

        You can also add the Digital Junior Academy to any camp you enroll too.

        For: Students aged 16-18. (14-18 for the Digital Academy)
        Language: Sessions are in English
        Number of seats available per session:  Lausanne: 100 seats.  Passugg: 50 seats. Digital: 40 seats

        Junior Academy Registration

          What you’ll Learn at the Junior Academy

          Our Junior Academy will teach you new knowledge and skills, and will give you an insight into how a five-star hotel manager thinks.

          • Identify key trends and players in the hospitality industry
          • Understand the day-to-day hospitality functions
          • Develop critical analysis and problem-solving skills
          • Appreciate knowledge ('savoir-faire') and hospitable skills ('savoir-être')

            EHL Junior Academy - Kitchen course
            Gateway to EHL's Bachelor Program

            As of 2019, Junior Academy participants will benefit from first-hand coaching by the Admission team and receive tips to best prepare their application to the Bachelor Programme. Junior Academy participants who then apply to EHL’s Bachelor degree will be exempted from the application fee and the online interview, which will be done during the Academy.

              Hospitality Business & Innovation

               Lausanne Campus:

              • This is EHL Lausanne - Discover our state-of-the-art campus in Lausanne and get a taste of our student life.
              • Hospitality Business - Get an intro on the business side of Hospitality Management.
              • Excellence in Hospitality -  Learn essential professional skills from the hospitality industry.
              • Hospitality Kitchen - Get familiar with the basics of a professional kitchen.
              • Excursions & activities like a tour of Lausanne, a vineyard visit and a gala dinner.


                Traditional Hospitality & Culinary Operations

                Passugg Campus:

                • This is EHL Passugg - Discover our boutique hotel-style campus in Passugg and get a taste of the close-knit community atmosphere.
                • Culinary Operations - Get creative in the kitchen and learn from world-class chefs and experts.
                • Traditional Hospitality - Go behind the scenes in the world of hospitality operations and the art of customer service.
                • Excursions & activities like a tour of a 5-star hotel, a mountain or snow activity (winter session) and a gala dinner.

                  Hospitality in a Digital World

                  Digital Campus:

                  This is EHL Digital Campus - Learn to navigate in a virtual environment and collaborate in a digital workplace.

                  Hospitality & Technology - Identify how technology is affecting the hospitality industry.

                  Online Communication - Be more effective in a virtual world and learn the art of multicultural communication.

                  Situational Case - Solve a case by working in a teams and come up with a creative solution.

                  Social Media - Learn how to manage your brand on social media, tell your story and become an influencer.