Expand your horizons with an international experience that will prepare you for the future of hospitality and business around the world.

This campus offers Swiss-quality education and Singapore lifestyle, for the perfect balance between convenience, calm and big-city vibes.

  • Great location, an urban oasis with newly renovated facilities
  • Nearby shopping and leisure activities, close to Singapore Botanical Gardens
  • Convenient accommodation in professionally-run apartments, ideal for students
  • Easy access to the city center: 15-minute walk to Orchard Road, 15-minute ride to the city center

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EHL Alumni in Singapore

Campuses and Programs Offered

EHL Campus Lausanne, in Switzerland, delivers our flagship Bachelor in International Hospitality Management program as well as a selection of graduate programs and professional courses.

EHL Campus Passugg, in Switzerland (the EHL Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality), offers a professional path into the Bachelor's program, as well as pre-university and professional-level courses.

EHL also offers a wide range of online courses for hospitality professionals.


Practical Arts Facilities

EHL Campus (Singapore) doesn’t offer practical arts facilities.  Bachelor students complete a Preparatory Year of hospitality training in Switzerland, on EHL Campus Lausanne, followed by an internship.

Lausanne Campus offers state-of-the art practical learning areas for you to explore the art of hospitality 

and get hands-on experience with every function of a hotel and restaurant. 

  • Demonstration Kitchens offer a good view of the tools and techniques used by master chefs. 
  • Peter Michael Wine Laboratory: wine tasting, study of wine-making methods and qualities 
  • Berceau des Sens, Michelin-starred restaurant, for fine-dining service and culinary arts 
  • Six Food & Beverage outlets for practicing international cuisine and latest foody trends 
  • Instructional Garden & Orchard (soon) to see how seasonal produce is cultivated and harvested 
  • Innovation Village Food Lab: 400m 2 of space to test and develop new food concepts 

Campus Facilities

Kinloss House: The former Kinloss House is a historical building that has been completely restored to enhance its classic beauty with contemporary facilities. Built in the late 1800s, it was once a boarding school for the children of British soldiers and more recently it served as an executive training center for an international company.

Indoors: The spacious building offers 2,400 square meters of indoor space with 5 classrooms, 4 meeting rooms, a large multi-purpose hall and numerous break out spaces, offering plenty of  flexibility to accommodate modern learning formats. Detailed information about the number of classrooms, including capacity and size in square meters is available here. (Meeting rooms are highlighted in green)

Outdoors: The campus is set on 1.9 hectares of land featuring manicured gardens and lush greenery. 

The neighborhood: The campus is in an upscale part of Singapore, near the Tanglin area, a wealthy residential hub with grand mansions and sweeping lawns. The nearby Botanical Gardens are perfect for a peaceful walk and Orchard Road is just down the street for shopping and dining with friends. 


Inside of EHL Campus (Singapore)

Food & Beverage Options

One of the best things about living in Singapore is the amazingly diverse food offer. While you won't find a full-fledged restaurant on campus, the school has arrangements with external providers to make sure you can easily grab a bite to eat.

On-site: During weekdays, a variety of lunch options are available on campus. 

At home: In the student apartments, you have the freedom to cook and eat your favorite meals at home with friends from EHL.

Out on the town: There are plenty of interesting restaurants and food courts all over Singapore, including many near campus on Orchard Road, Singapore’s main shopping street.

For more information about the Singapore food scene, here are some suggestions:  Seth Lui  and I eat, I shoot, I post are local well-known food blogs.  Visit Singapore also has lots of foodie information, and you will find many upscale dining options in the Michelin Guide Singapore.

Student Accommodation

Instead of dormitory-style housing, you get to experience life in Singapore like a local by living in a furnished studio or shared apartment with other EHL students. Our staff provides accommodation support through arrangements with local providers, and daily transportation to the campus. These arrangements are optional: you may also choose to live elsewhere, and choose your own transportation options.

Student Services

The EHL Campus (Singapore) experience allows you to explore the big city from a peaceful and solid "home base" on campus. Our student services team aims to make your time on campus easy and enjoyable, and to help you grow in your personal and professional development. At the same time, the student committees and close-knit EHL community will allow you to make friends and memories with your fellow students and alumni.

Administration & IT

The school proposes the following services to meet students’ every-day needs:

  • Reception

  • Support for student housing 

  • Subway (MRT) pass
  • Access to sport facilities and training
  • Shuttle transportation between convenient pick-up points across the island and the campus
  • Concierge service
  • Cultural onboarding

  • IT service desk and printing center 

Internships & Career Services

Our dedicated team of industry relations specialists guide students towards fulfilling internships and careers: 

  • CV & letter checking

  • Internship planning & monitoring

  • Job fairs and company visits on campus

  • Personalized coaching services

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs department coordinates services that:

  • Enhance life on campus

  • Enrich the academic experience

  • Encourage personal growth and well-being

  • Target professional development

Writing Center (Online)

Offered as a resource through EHL Campus Lausanne to help students develop their writing skills, the writing center provides:

  • Individual feedback and support

  • Coaching sessions and workshops

  • Guidance for professional-quality documents

Wellness & Medical Services

The school's student services staff coordinates the following resources: 

  • Access to local health care providers

  • Information about health insurance coverage
  • Campus security

  • Connections to local religious communities

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Student Life at EHL
Campus (Singapore)

About EHL Campus (Singapore)

EHL Campus (Singapore) is the Asia-Pacific branch campus of EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne). It is registered as a private education institution in Singapore under the Private Education Act, Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) and EduTrust Certification Scheme (Certificate No. EDU-2-2124 valid from  14 October 2023 to 13 October 2027). EHL Campus (Singapore) recognizes the importance of EduTrust certification for ensuring the quality of the education provided in Singapore and the protection of students. We are committed to meet the most stringent higher education standards in Singapore and internationally.

EHL Campus (Singapore) offers courses, which are part of EHL’s program portfolio. It is the perfect hub for students from all continents who would like to benefit from the world-class hospitality education of EHL, elaborated over 125 years of experience, and start a career in the fast growing hospitality industry of the Asia-Pacific region.  More information is available on the EHL Group website.

We invite students who would like to study at EHL Campus (Singapore) to get more information regarding private education institutions on the Committee for Private Education (CPE) website.  Further questions to the CPE can be asked via this feedback form.

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EHL Campus (Singapore) Governance

You will find information about EHL Campus (Singapore) boards & management team on the EHL Group website.

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