EHL is proud to support students and their families by providing loans and grants to assist students in pursuing their degrees. We offer various types of financial aid.

EHL Foundation for Scholarships and Honorary Loans

In order to promote social diversity and talents, EHL is committed to providing a scholarship and financial aid program for deserving foreign students, and Swiss students who do not benefit from HES-SO grants.

To help these students and attract new skills, the “Fondation des bourses et prêts d'honneur EHL” has been created.

Financial Aid / Awards for the Preparatory Year (Bachelor Program)

  • Tuition Waiver: Students may apply for a financial-based Tuition Waiver which is applied towards the Preparatory year tuition fees. The Tuition Waiver ranges from 5’000 CHF -20’000 CHF.
  • Academic Excellence Award: Students may ask to be considered for an Academic Excellence Award at time of application.  The amounts awarded vary between 2’500-7’500 CHF. 

Once a candidate opens an application, they will have access to a page titled “Support” which will clearly explain how they can apply for the above.

Financial Aid for all Other Eligible Programs

All other Financial Aid is handled by the “Fondation des bourses et prêts d'honneur EHL".  They offer two types of financial aid for students who demonstrate a proven financial need and a clear commitment to their academic and professional future in the field of hospitality management.

  • Partial Scholarships: The money is allocated to you, without the expectation of reimbursement, to cover part of your tuition fees / mandatory study expenses / living costs.
  • Honorary Loans: The money is lent to you at a 0% interest rate, to cover part of your tuition fees and/or mandatory study expenses and/or living costs, with the obligation to repay the loan upon completion of your studies.