Swiss HES Scholarships for Master in Hospitality Management Students


Fees for students eligible according to the A-HES - Agreement of 12 June 2003

The Master of Science in hospitality management is accredited by HES-SO (University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland) and benefits from the financial agreement between EHL and this institution.
According to the terms of this agreement, students applying for this master program can obtain financial aid to finance their tuition fees for the entire 18-month duration of this hospitality management master.

According to the HES-SO conditions, the financial aid for EHL’s Master in Hospitality Management is applicable for all students of Swiss nationality who have parents residing in Switzerland or who fulfill the following conditions at the time of their registration to this master degree:

  • Students of Swiss nationality whose parents live abroad, or whose mother and father are deceased and live abroad.
  • Refugees and stateless persons of full age allocated to a Swiss canton, whose father and mother are deceased or whose parents live abroad.
  • Foreigners of full age who have their civil residence in Switzerland, whose father and mother are deceased or whose parents live abroad.
  • Foreign students of full age who have lived and worked in Switzerland on a permanent basis for at least two years. They must be financially independent and not be part of an academic training at the same time.
  • Students who are not Swiss citizens but whose parents or legal guardians (if applicable) have their civil residence in Switzerland.
  • Non-Swiss students whose parents live in the Geneva border area and who at least one of them is working in the Canton of Geneva.

Start your application

To apply for financial aid for EHL's Master in Hospitality Management program, the first step is to submit your application. It is important to note that only candidates enrolled in the program are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Don't forget to mention your interest in scholarship during the interview with the recruiter. A questionnaire determining A-HES status will be sent to students one month before the start of the academic year. Only the HES-SO can determine a student's status. If a student withdraws from studies or changes A-HES status for any other reason before October 15 or April 15, depending on the current semester, the HES-SO will cease to contribute to tuition fees.