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Financial Aid & Scholarships

EHL is proud to support students and their families by providing loans and grants to assist students in pursuing their degrees. We offer various types of financial aid.

EHL Foundation for Scholarships and Honorary Loans

In order to promote social diversity and talents, EHL is committed to providing a scholarship and financial aid program for deserving foreign students, and Swiss students who do not benefit from HES-SO grants.

To help these students and attract new skills, the “EHL Foundation for Scholarships and Honorary Loans” has been created.

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    HotellerieSuisse scholarships

    The Tschumi Foundation offers HotellerieSuisse scholarships to Swiss citizens or citizens of other nations who have lived in Switzerland for at least five years before the commencement of their education and who are actively enrolled at EHL.

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      International student loans and scholarships for the bachelor’s degree

      EHL’s accreditation as a Swiss University of Applied Science and NECHE (USA) accreditation ensures that our degree programs are recognized by governments and institutions throughout the world, this recognition makes it possible for students of certain countries to apply for scholarships, grants and loans in their home country to finance their studies at EHL.

      The following countries have loan programs for which EHL students may be eligible.

      • Canada: Canadian student loans
      • France: Student loans and scholarships for French citizens
      • Switzerland: Canton scholarships and education loans
      • UK: Career Development Loans for British students and U.K. residents
      • USA: Federal and private loans for U.S. citizens and permanent residents

      Other countries may also provide financial support options for students going to EHL. To make an inquiry and learn more about these student loan options, contact us.

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        Canton scholarships and education loans

        Swiss citizens and permanent residents of Switzerland can apply for scholarships and interest-free student loans through their canton scholarship office. A list of these offices is available on the Educa website.

        Students living in Geneva can apply for financial assistance from the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation via this link.
        If you have any questions, please send an email to scholarship@ehl.ch