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Saviva Food & Beverage Chair

Founded in 2010, the mission of the Saviva F&B Chair is to develop knowledge and solutions for students and stakeholders of the restaurant industry by focusing on emerging changes and sustainable innovations in the industry.

EHL’s F&B Chair has been studying changes and challenges in the food service market since 2010.  Following various studies on the future of food service professions and developments in the industry, the focus is now on the contribution of sustainable development in three main areas: business models and strategies, processes, and products.

For the period from 2015 to 2018, the chair will be supported by its partner Saviva, a member of M-Industrie.

Saviva Food

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     The Saviva F&B Chair contributes to the improvement of knowledge through programs or courses and inter-school challenges.

    Corporate workshops: 

    We offer in-company seminars on a variety of topics, including innovation, sustainable development, and food service.


    We organize and participate in various international events, most notably the Saviva F&B Challenge, a yearly international competition for hospitality students. Other events include collaborations with Swissnex Shanghai, the London Embassy Conference, and the I-CHLAR conference.

    Academic research: 

    Our studies focus on the needs and challenges of sustainable innovation in the food and beverage industry.


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      André Hüsler

      Swiss - CEO of Saviva, M-Industrie, partner of the Saviva F&B Chair

      ’’Thanks to our partnership with the F&B Chair at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, we are helping to secure the long-term future of our industry’’


      Closing of the study and publication of the booklet on the Swiss restaurant industry in 2030.

      Read the article and download the booklet


      The Chair is currently conducting a prospective study on the Swiss restaurant industry in 2030. The upcoming booklet will present scenarios for the future of the industry and compare customers’ and restaurateurs’ perception and expectations.


      Members of the Saviva F&B Chair team studied the challenges, impacts and opportunities of the sharing economy in the restaurant industry. The booklet “Time for a change” presents Swiss consumers’ perception of various sharing economy concepts and provides recommendations for traditional restaurateurs who wish to embrace or resist the rise of alternative F&B business models.


      The year 2015 was marked by the flagship project of the Saviva F&B Chair: waste management in restaurants. The study aimed to understand habits, needs and constraints and to identify simple and innovative solutions to implement in restaurants. A brochure addressed to restaurant owners is publicly available. 


      The F&B Chair analyzed the behavior of Generation Y on social networks in relation to restaurants and the best practices of large French and Swiss brands.


      During this period, the F&B Chair focused on the future of food service professions. In its first project, the F&B Chair team conducted research on the purchasing function in Europe and Shanghai. For the second project, members of the F&B Chair team examined the future development of restaurant manager and head chef roles in France and Spain.