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Founded as the first hotel school in 1893 by Jacques Tschumi, then developed by the Société Suisse des Hôteliers (now hotelleriesuisse), EHL has a genuine, historical proximity to the tourism and hotel industry. This historical relationship differentiates us and strengthens our work with academic institutions and organizations regionally and worldwide. Our defining qualities of academic excellence, emotional intelligence and human strength are our unique success factors, embodied by a network of 25'000 alumni around the world.

Today, EHL maintains a very close relationship with hotelleriesuisse, as an affiliate, and hotelleriesuisse is a member of the EHL Foundation.

Hôtellerie suisse

    Our Owners

    EHL Foundation is the sole owner of EHL SA holding company and its Board of Governors defines the EHL vision and founding values. It makes use of the Swiss and international network of its President and members, while producing a positive impact on the reputation and brand. The historic organization of EHL as a Foundation ensures that the primary focus remains the development of high quality education for our students. 

    Our Organizational Structure
      EHL Foundation - focused on high quality education

      A Not-for-Profit Company

      Our organizational status as a foundation clearly sets us apart by signifying the reinvestment of all profits to further enhance the quality of our students' education. Our structure allows us to deploy a variety of products and offerings in both Swiss and international markets. It enables students, faculty and administrative personnel to evolve in an environment that is in line with the hospitality industry's expectations. Most importantly, being a not-for-profit company facilitates our work in developing academic programs and resources, thereby reinforcing our status as the world's leader in higher education in Hospitality Management.

      EHL by numbers
        our organization not profit

        A Global Network of Competence

        Our continued collaboration with leading research and higher education institutions contributes to building a strong hub of expertise. EHL Advisory Services (formerly LHC), EHL Group’s consulting branch, proposes academic certifications to learning centers and offers advisory services to hospitality businesses worldwide. Finally, the power of our alumni network never relents: Our alumni are our best ambassadors and take pride in recruiting new generations of EHL graduates.

        EHL Education Group - A Global Network of Competence