Whether you want to further your existing career or switch to another, the hospitality industry offers a wide range of exciting job opportunities. Although many people immediately think about hotel work when they hear the word “hospitality,” individuals seeking management positions in the field can choose among a number of viable employment sectors including travel and tourism, casino management, and various food and beverage industries. Although it is valuable to amass some practical, entry-level experience in your chosen area of interest, if you truly want to advance in your career, most authoritative sources recommend obtaining an appropriate college degree in the academic discipline of hospitality administration.

As stated by the online occupational network and employment resource CareerIgniter, the hospitality industry can give you the opportunity to operate a tour company, plan events at a resort, or board a cruise ship as a recreation director. However, in order to succeed in any of these dynamic fields, the importance of college-level hospitality administration training cannot be underestimated.

For those with the proper education and drive, the opportunities in the hospitality industry are nearly limitless. The World Travel and Tourism Council recently released a report that compared economic growth in the hospitality industry to growth in other market sectors. The organization ultimately determined that hospitality and tourism has one of the highest potentials for expansion of any industry in the United States.

The exceptional economic growth of the hospitality industry fuels an exceedingly quick rate of career evolution. This acceleration can take the form of rapid promotion opportunities or vertical career moves into more complex and prestigious work environments. Because of the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the industry, many hospitality organizations offer administrative positions to employees at comparatively young ages.

At the management level, workers in the hospitality industry receive all of the traditional benefits, such as competitive healthcare packages and 401(k) retirement plans, that people have come to expect from a senior professional position. However, the hospitality industry, by its very nature, typically offers a range of unique and exciting fringe benefits. Depending on your specific area of professional interest, you may be eligible for free or discounted housing, hotel rooms, airfare and ground transportation, meals, laundry services, and other valuable amenities.

Find out the many benefits of a Hospitality management career

To capitalize on all that this industry has to offer, you must first educate yourself about the intricacies of hospitality administration and familiarize yourself with the diverse opportunities that are available in a wide variety of hospitality fields. In addition to general hotel and restaurant management, you may want to consider looking into employment options in the following, often overlooked, areas:

•          Airline and railway travel
•          Conferences and conventions centers
•          Travel agencies
•          Tourist offices and ministries of tourism
•          Tour operators
•          Spas and wellness centers
•          Cruise companies
•          Event management
•          Casinos
•          Catering companies
•          Bars and private clubs
•          Concert and theatre venues
•          Museums and other cultural venues
•          Theme parks
•          Fitness clubs and sports organizations (such as gyms, golf clubs, and tennis facilities)
•          Real estate management companies
•          Hotel development and construction
•          Manufacturers and suppliers of hospitality equipment

Even individuals who choose to work at a hotel can develop a career path within a number of unique environments, depending on their specific wants and needs. Certain personality types may gravitate toward a 5-star multinational chain, while others might seek work at a luxury resort, a boutique inn, an eco hotel, or a quaint bed and breakfast. What kind of work environment fits you the best?

Within each of these hospitality areas and work environments, a range of employment opportunities are available. Although some individuals choose to become an all-around expert in a particular field or market sector, others choose to specialize in a particular industry function like human resources, sales, marketing, or finance. Many ultimately find work in parallel professional sectors such as education, banking, and consulting.

To learn more about the many employment opportunities that are available in the fields of hospitality and tourism, look into the educational programs that are offered by specialized institutions like ours, the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). We grant bachelor’s degrees in hospitality management with a variety of focuses. We also grant various master’s degrees, including a Master of Science in Global Hospitality Business, and an Executive MBA with a concentration in hospitality administration, to serve existing hospitality professionals who wish to take their careers to the next level.



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