The purpose of this empirical study is to examine the conditions under which work-family enrichment happens. In our qualitative study, we find that there is a unique resource generated only in the family domain, which we define as “agape love” that contributes to enrichment. Our quantitative study confirms that, the more individuals experience agape love from spouse and children, the more the family enriches the employee’s work life.

Kim, S., Las Heras, M., Bosch, M.J. (2016). A matter of love: Exploring what enables work-family enrichment, International Business Research, 9(8), 24-36.

Keywords : Work-family enrichment; Agape love; Resources; Dual-career couples; Employees; Mixed-methods.


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Dr. Sowon Kim Crettex

LHRC fellow

Assistant Professor - Human Resources/Organisational Behaviour

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