Cédric BOURASSIN is a professor of Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne, world first hospitality management school

Mr Cédric Bourassin

Lecturer - Practical Arts

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Nationality: French

Teaching program(s):
Preparatory Year

Academic level

Culinary Arts – Advanced Certificate (option B)


Cédric was born in Burgundy. After earning an an associate’s degree (BTS) in the culinary arts (major in food production management), he chose to focus on cooking and decided to cut his teeth in France and abroad.

He has worked under Anne Sophie Pic in Valence and Michel Portos in Bouliac (near Bordeaux). Both establishments are two-star restaurants. However, it was his experience with the Bras family in Laguiole (in France’s southwest) that would be key in his career development. He spent four years in their 3-star restaurant and learned a great deal about excellence and discipline. Then, he helped Jacques and Laurent Pourcel of Montpellier open a gourmet restaurant in Mauritius over a four-month stretch. He continued east to Malaysia where he spent three years as the culinary director of a French company where he also was active in consulting.

Then in 2011, Michel and Sébastien Bras made him the head chef at their restaurant on the Japanese island of Hokkaido where he earned three stars from the Michelin guide’s 2012 special edition. He left Japan to come share his wealth of experience and enthusiasm with the students of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne in June 2016.

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