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Mr Thomas Pronnier

Thomas Pronnier


Diplôme professionnel CAP/BEP à Centre des métiers du Val de Cher à Blois (France)
Diplôme professionnel BAC à l'école hôtelière de Paris Médéric àParis (France)
BTS Hôtellerie Restauration au rectorat de Besançon (France)


Lecturer - Practical Arts

Teaching Location(s)

EHL Campus Lausanne

Teaching Subject(s)

Culinary & Restaurant Management Certificate

Area(s) of Expertise

Dining Room Service

Short Bio

Mr. Thomas Pronnier started in 2003 at the Lausanne Palace after his studies in Paris for 7 years during which he went from chef de rang to Maître d'hôtel. He then opened and managed a Lebanese gastronomic restaurant for 3 years in Lausanne. From there, he left this function to manage a gastronomic restaurant (1 star in the Michelin guide) in Morges for also 3 years.

He arrived at the Ehl in 2015 as F&B Assistant in the Events department where he was in charge of the operational part while supervising the students. This way he was able to be in constant contact with them and start giving some lessons on service (opening wine bottles, toppings...). He took a test lesson to apply for the position of Lecturer practical Arts in room service at the Bistro. He has been in this position since October 2020, and teaches students how to be a chef de rang, specifically how to manage a group of tables from arrival to departure.