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Mrs Rosalie Philippin

Mme Rosalie Philippin


Master's Degree in Foreign Languages and Civilisations and English, Université Paris X
HES-SO Certification


Maître d'enseignement Senior

Matière(s) enseignée(s)

Français Commercial Intermédiaire (B1)
Français Commercial Intermédiaire (B2)
Français Débutant (A1)
Français Débutant I-II (A1)
Français Débutant (A2)
Français Débutant III-IV (A2)
Français Intermédiaire

Domaine(s) d'expertise

Français langue étrangère

Courte description

Rosalie Philippin is a Senior Lecturer teaching Business French on the AP and BoSc programs at EHL. After her graduation, Rosalie took the opportunity to join the French Cultural Centre in Hanoi, Vietnam, for a year, to participate in the preparation of the 1997 Francophonie Summit. There, she taught classes in hotels training employees to welcome French-speaking Heads of State. When she came back to France, she taught at the Paris Alliance Française for two years. In 2000, she got a position as Associate Director of the Melbourne Alliance Française, in Australia, where she oversaw various administrative and pedagogical tasks. She joined EHL in 2004 and as a teacher, her goal is to improve the quality of learning using teaching techniques and providing students with documents that meet their needs. She applies new technologies to innovate the classroom by rendering it more attractive and effective. She also prepares students for the exams of the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and she is a member of the Writing Center team.