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Mrs Louise Pascot

Mme Louise Pascot


Bachelor in Hospitality Management, University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès


Maître d’enseignement - Arts Pratiques

Matière(s) enseignée(s)

Bars et Restaurants à Concept
Restaurant Gastronomique & Lounge Bar
Restaurant Gastronomique & Bar Experience
Spiritueux du Monde

Domaine(s) d'expertise

Gestion de bars
Secteur de l'accueil

Courte description

Louise Pascot is a Lecturer teaching the bar basics course and she is also in charge of the bar operations at EHL. Louise went to hospitality school at 17 and passed a BEP before obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Toulouse University, France, in 2007. After a short professional experience in Morocco, she arrived at the Sofitel London St James where she started at the bottom as a commis and discovered her passion for bar management. Three years later, she left her role as Assistant Bar Manager, and moved to Geneva. She entered the Intercontinental Hotel where she had the opportunity to develop two new bar concepts. Louise is committed and passionate, she strives for success for her teams, the management and most importantly, for the guests. Besides her profession, Louise is passionate about life. She took a gap year to travel the world and nurture herself with new ideas and trends. Upon returning to Europe, Louise sought a position at EHL for new challenges and inspiration.