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Mrs Beata Lobertréau

Mme Beata Lobertréau


Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics and Eastern Slavic Philology, Warsaw University (with First Class Honors)


Maître d'enseignement Senior

Matière(s) enseignée(s)

Russe Débutant (A1)
Russe Débutant (A2)

Domaine(s) d'expertise

Russe et russe commercial

Courte description

Beata Lobertréau is a Senior Lecturer at EHL. Having a strong interest for foreign languages and cultures, Beata obtained a Master Degree in Applied Linguistics and Eastern Slavic Philology at Warsaw University. She pursued a PhD program there but suspended her studies in 2006 to take up teaching. Having worked in several universities and private language schools, she has been teaching Russian, translation, interpreting and English language courses. Her experience includes work in prominent business schools, with an emphasis on business vocabulary. Aside from her teaching interests, she enjoys consecutive/conference interpreting and has worked for several international industrial and economic forums. She speaks five other languages (English, French, German, Polish and Italian). She believes that language teaching must be closely associated with the culture, history and literature of the country of origin. These elements create the basis of motivation and enthusiasm for an efficient language learning process.