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Dr Isabella Blengini

Isabella Blengini , PhD


PhD in Economics, Boston College (USA)


Associate Professor

Teaching Location(s)

EHL Campus Lausanne
EHL Campus (Singapore)

Courses and Modules Taught

• Business Tools II
• Diploma work - Bachelor Thesis

• Hospitality Economics
• Hospitality Economics

Teaching Subject(s)

Hospitality Economics

Area(s) of Expertise


Short Bio

Isabella Blengin, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Economics at EHL, she teaches the courses of microeconomics and hospitality economics in the bachelor and in the online MBA program. After taking her PhDs at the University of Milano and at Boston College, she did a post-doc at the University of Lausanne. She has been visiting fellow in the economics department at MIT and summer intern at the Boston Fed.

Isabella’s most recent research project relates to exchange rate and hospitality, and examines how exchange rate appreciations affect the different sub-sectors of the Swiss hospitality industry. The goal is to give concrete instructions to hospitality industry practitioners to allow them to better protect themselves from exchange rate fluctuations. Other projects include theoretical analyses on optimal monetary policy with endogenous information, foreign currency denominated debt and optimal portfolio allocation under uncertainty.

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Blengini, I., & Heo, C.Y. (forthcoming). The role of exchange rate on hotelier’s pricing decision and business performance: the case of Switzerland, a small open economy. Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management.

Blengini, I., & Das, P. (2021). Why a New Name? The Role of Asset Characteristics and Broad Market Trends in Predicting Brand Affiliation Change in Hotels. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.

Blengini, I., & Heo, C. (2020). How do hotels adapt their pricing strategies to macroeconomics factors? International Journal of Hospitality Management, 88.

Benhima, K., & Blengini, I. (2020). Optimal Monetary Policy when Information is Market-Generated. The Economical Journal, 130(628), 956-975.

Heo, C.Y., & Blengini, I. (2020). 3rd Revenue Management & Pricing in Services Conference (2019 RevME Europe). Journal of Revenue Pricing Management, 19, 140–143.

Auboin, M., & Blengini, I. (2019). The Impact of Basel III on Trade Finance: the Potential Unintended Consequences of the Leverage Ratio. Journal of Banking Regulation, 20(2), 115-123.

Yoonjoung Heo, C., & Blengini, I. (2019). A macroeconomic perspective on Airbnb’s global presence. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 78, 47-49.

Blengini, I. (2012). Foreign currency debt and agents’ expectations, FINRISK working paper No. 767.

Blengini, I. (2012). Portfolio Choice under Uncertainty, FINRISK working paper No. 768.

Funded Research Projects

Isabella Blengini's Projects


H. Michael Mann Summer Fellowship Award, Summer 2008 Boston College Graduate Scholarship (September 2006 - May 2011)
Prize "Fausto Vicarelli" for best Undergraduate Thesis in Italy (2004)