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EHL Institute of Business Creativity

About the Institute of Business Creativity

Launched in April 2018, the Institute of Business Creativity (IBC) aims to build bridges between the business world and academia to produce relevant, highly impactful, practice-based research and solutions.

Under the leadership of professors Dr Marc Stierand, Institute Director, and Ian Millar, Institute Manager, the new institute will contribute to EHL’s objective of providing innovative educational models.

The Institute of Business Creativity will include several dedicated research labs, sponsored by international companies who will benefit from EHL’s awarded research and faculty to develop innovative, leading-edge solutions to transform their industry.

    METRO Hospitality Lab

    The METRO Hospitality Lab, sponsored by METRO AG, is the first dedicated research project within the Institute. This lab is dedicated to the HoReCa industry (Hotels, Restaurants, Catering) and will focus on the relationship between digitalization of operational training and human interaction. The Master-Apprentice approach will be examined to determine how and where human interaction, such as mentor coaching or expert training, is combined most effectively with technological solutions.

      EHL's Metro hospitality lab
      METRO AG's Goal

      METRO AG’s goal is to help their clients – independent restauranteurs – succeed in their ventures.  Based on previous studies by EHL, this success is closely correlated to enhanced training methods. Results from the research will be presented in 2019, allowing all industry professionals to benefit from the findings. 

      Supporting METRO AG’s goals in equipping independent restauranteurs for the future, six Student Business Projects will also be undertaken at EHL. Student Business Projects are consulting projects conducted by teams of Bachelor students in their final year of studies, providing innovative solutions to real-world business challenges.

      Student resources for projects

        IBC Members

        • Dr Marc Stierand – Director of the Institute of Business Creativity
        • Mr Ian Millar – Institute Manager
        • Ms Franziska Spinnen – Research Coordinator
        • Ms Megane Miralles – Scientific Assistant

        Contact the Institute
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          A Community of Experts

          We have gathered some of the leading experts from the hospitality industry, academic institutions, business practitioners, and other experienced leaders from around the world. Our Institute Associates provide valuable insights based on their varied fields of expertise to collaborate openly on creative projects and innovations that will re-shape how we work and live.

          List of IBC associates