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Students' insights for industry partners

EHL students are a valuable source of fresh inspiration and business expertise for our industry partners. Under the guidance of experienced faculty, students offer consulting-style services, conduct research and propose business solutions.

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Student consulting & project resources

Our bachelor or master’s students are available to work with you on a project or business case in a flexible, consulting-style arrangement. Based on your needs, these teams of students can provide your organization with innovative and applicable business solutions. Consulting projects have included areas such as:

  • Business plan and Market research
  • Marketing & sales strategy
  • Hotel or restaurant concept
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Digitalization of processes or customer touch points
  • Sustainable businesses, events or products.

Student consulting key facts

  • 1-10 months depending on project needs
  • Small multi-cultural group of bachelor/master students
  • Coaching from EHL faculty
  • Concrete professional results directly applicable for your business
  • Innovative solution-driven recommendations
  • High visibility within the student and alumni community.

student consulting service key facts

Project formats

Bachelor program Student Business Projects (SBPs)

These consulting projects are conducted by students in the final semester of their studies. Six senior students team up over a nine-week period of full-time dedication to tackle your business problem. Students create a written report detailing the methodology, deliverables and recommendations relating to the project mandate, and present the results in a formal presentation on campus.

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Master program Business Consulting Projects (BCPs)

A team of three to four master’s degree students commit to your project for a 10-month period to provide insights and actionable solutions. Additionally, students will dedicate 3-months, full-time work to the project within your offices. This on-site immersion period provides students with thorough understanding of the company, your objectives and processes to ensure maximum relevance of the project deliverables. At the conclusion of the project, you will receive a report with detailed analyses and recommendations. A final presentation of the work will also be held to discuss findings and determine any additional work to be completed.

Executive MBA Capstone Projects

The EMBA Capstone projects engage a team of three to four senior students over a 9-month period to address your project needs. The combination of students’ previous industry experience, faculty coaching and leading academic excellence creates a triangle of success for all involved.

Executive MBA CEO Challenge

CEO Challenges offer organizations an opportunity to gain insights from teams of two to four EMBA students over a three- to four-week period to generate innovative ideas for complex business issues. The format is designed to provide a short turnaround from launch to completion.

Class projects

Your business projects can be assigned to teams within a class of the academic program. As students compete in teams on the same case study, you will benefit from multiple creative approaches within a short time frame, with valuable, fresh, out-of-the box ideas.

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Whether you are seeking short-term assistance on a business challenge, or a longer-term, more in-depth study, EHL can construct a project team and provide expert coaching and guidance to meet your needs.

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Client testimonials

"Most of our innovations in hotel technology are preceded by a market validation and by the definition of a detailed launch plan. Both of these tasks must be completed in a very short space of time. EHL’s Student Business Projects are able to deliver exactly the service we need in the small amount of time that we have, thanks to an extremely motivated group of students, tried and tested methods, and the support of highly-qualified faculty members." Arndt Mielisch - Communication Manager, Swisscom Hospitality Services


"Feldschlösschen has been running a couple of EHL Student Business Projects now and the results have been very satisfying. During the 10 project weeks, the students act as “Junior Business Consultants” with a real business issue and get senior management exposure. Their strong academic background makes them capable of quickly understanding the business context and the issues to solve." Lukas Neulen - Business Development Manager, Feldschlösschen Getränke AG


"I was impressed with the overall quality of the work. The project was carried out and presented in a very professional way, covering all the necessary aspects and providing actionable recommendations and new insights." Jan Sander, Sr. Global Marketing Manager, Philips Hospitality TV


"Young companies like OneLab Solutions have limited time and resources to carry out extensive market studies. Having a group of 5 students working full-time for 9 weeks on our study allowed us to make huge progress in a very short period of time. The group accomplished a remarkable amount of work that would have been impossible for us to achieve on our own. The final report was very professional and contained many actionable insights that we plan to leverage immediately." Skye Legon - Co-founder, OneLab Solutions


"It was a pleasure to work with the students from EHL on a Student Business Project. We appreciated their enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism. Thanks to their work, we have gained a more in-depth knowledge of the luxury goods market in Switzerland, clarified the position of our brands and identified new opportunities. The project will help us develop a more structured, professional approach to the high-end market.” Gregory Alibaux, Marketing Director, Pernod Ricard Swiss


A team of EHL students cast a fresh eye on the quality of the reception process in our hospital by applying the same criteria as those employed in five-star hotels. Their ideas were not only original; they were feasible, too.” Pierre-Francois Leyvraz, CEO, CHUV


The international focus of the SBP 25 team provided us with the best examples worldwide in terms of the social media strategy of hotels. The results of the study were part of the program of the 5th Swiss hotel conference of Switzerland Tourism and hotelleriesuisse with the participation of 450 hotel operators. We look forward to continue using SBPs in the future.” Chantal Cartier, Marketing, Switzerland Tourism